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Love the bath & a half
Just prior to the holidays I flushed the rear toilet and there was a loud bang as it flushed.  The bottom part of the air/water sequence valve had broken for no clear reason.

I called Mullaney & Associates who provide parts for the Microphor toilets.  Found out they no longer make the black sequence valve like is in both my toilets.  Good news is they do make a grey & black redesigned sequence valve that takes the place of the old  black style.  Bad news was that they were out of stock and wouldn't have any for "a while".  He told me he might have enough parts to "make one" but wasn't sure.  Contacted them back after Christmas & they said they did have the parts and would ship it out.  Received it New Years eve.  Thank goodness for the 2nd toilet in the bath & a half floorplan!

The nice thing about the new sequence valve is the fitting holes are color coded to correspond with the air line colors.  Installed it & it works great.

I had always spoken with Sue when I called Mullaney & Associates before.  Parts are now being handled by AnnaMaria Rapsomananiskis and Steve Cackowski.  The new phone number is (856) 596-1299.  Their hours are 10am to 6pm EST.  Website is the same.

The part number for the air/water sequence valve is 39014.  Cost is $399.

In the photo you'll see two black parts below the main valve body.  Those two pieces used to be just one part.

Don't know why photos are posting sideways lately.

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