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Freezing temperatures
I have been in -18 with my 96 with no problems with any things inside the coach or basement. The only problem I have had was the air tanks and valves which I had not drain prior to my trip. Next time I always drain the air tank prior to the trip.

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So the consensus is that if your basement heaters are working, you will be generally ok in cold weather?

Here in Alabama we don't see much cold weather, but Monday night its gonna get down to 8F. I will double check the bay heaters but is there anything else to be done? I will not be at the bus, so will need to have helper do the remote settings.

Does the volume of fresh or black water mater?
I plan on leaving the aqua hot running and set the electric heaters to come on around 60F inside. Thermostats set for heat and set at 68F.
Will leave fresh water hose disconnected and main and aux pumps OFF.

Any other things I should look at?
Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama
At the recommendation of Newell I don't winterize my coach. I turn on the Aquahot on electric. I set all thermostats, inside & basement, to 50 degrees. When it gets below about 15 degrees I turn on the diesel while leaving the electric on. Don't worry about the water tank or the blk tank they will stay toasty. Sounds like you're doing it right. If you want to get more familiar with cold weather come on up to MO. We are having our coldest year since we got here.Smile
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
The thermostat for the bay heaters are forward drivers side above water pump.. Lil black knob.. I leave my interior set at 50.. Was in colorado springs last month got to single digits .. Only turned on the diesel aqua hot when we were gona take showers.
Marc Newman
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Would anyone know what position the white line on the water bay thermostat knob should be for 50 degrees. I dont see any markings at all!

Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
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Not really sure where the ‘white line’ should be on your since there are no markings - maybe turn it half-way to be safe and put a thermometer with a MAX setting (so it will show how warm it’s getting in the bay). You can also test the heater in the bay by putting an ice cube on the copper line near the thermostat - it looks like a long copper wire with a long bulb on the end.
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