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Lithium battery install
If you're still around, I too would love to hear how the install and tech has aged. Thanks!
I just removed 3 8D gel batteries from my Foretravel and installed 3 100amphour BattleBorn LiFePO4 batteries. Same advantages, removed 450# and replaced with 100#, faster charging, no slow absorption charging, very little voltage sag at high amp draws.
And these are manufactured in a nice clean package with built-in BMS for over/under discharge, over/under voltage, and temperature protection. And a 10 year warranty!
The recommended charge voltages are 14.4 v, absorb for 30 minutes/100 amps (1.5 hours on mine) and float at 13.4 v. I think this is a bit different than the Balqon Winston cells I sold to Richard. Not sure if the individual cell chemistry is different or they just have more empirical data.
When researching this project I narrowed it down to these and LifeBlue batteries. BB had a $100 off Black Friday sale so I bought them then. Trojan is introducing their line of similar batteries so they're worth a look.
I briefly looked at building a pack with Winston or Calb cells but the price difference with a BMS was about the same as these. And only a 2 year factory warranty, from the China manufacturer. BattleBorns are put together in Nevada and they warranty them there.
My Prosine 2500 watt inverter charges these to specs, I also have 400 watts solar with a Victron Smart controller which also charges to specs. I added a cut-off switch to the isolator to protect the alternator and belts from overheating.
But you have to ask yourself if this is what you really want, if you'll do a lot of boon docking then they have great advantages. We'll be doing a lot on our Alaska trip this summer. They are not cheap but should outlast agms, gels, or lead acids which will bring the overall cost down a lot.
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If you're still around, I too would love to hear how the install and tech has aged. Thanks!

I'm not sure if you were asking Forrest or me.

I have nothing to report. They are still working just fine for my use. I did notice some drop, unquantified, in capacity. However, with the charging info that has been published in the last two years, I realized that I was undercharging the bank. That is not a problem for the batteries, but it explains the loss in capacity. I have slightly adjusted my charging scheme, but I have not done any dry camping since the adjustments.

I did take all the connections loose, clean them, and coat with antioxidant. That is the extent of the maintenance in four years.
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