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Blue Ox tow bars
I thought this is an important thread that popped up on the WanderlodgeGurus forum.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Ouch, that can be a real disaster. Thanks for the awareness
Doug and Melanie Matz
2015 45 Bunk Coach 1517
Toad Ford Flex
I have a 8 year old Roadmaster. Has anyone had any problem with them? It is steel.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
Unless you pull a trailer and back up a lot your tow bar should last a long, long time. I have seen many who pull a trailer break tow bars . Never in 14 years on the road have I seen a broken blue Ox or Roadmaster broken pulling a car four wheels down and I have seen some pretty old bars out there. Backing up creates so much stress on the bars that they are not mean't to handle well

Larry, Hedy & Benny Brachfeld
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Tow bar use and maintenance would be a great subject for a seminar at the rally. It would be nice to have a Blue Ox, Demco or Roadmaster rep attend.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Or Demco
Forest & Cindy Olivier
1999 Foretravel 36' U320
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I tow with a Roadmaster Black Hawk 2, All Terrain, tow bar. I love the non-binding aspect. However, last year while traveling at about 60 MPH I observed in my side mirror that my tow was visible and it should not have been. When I sped up, it went back to where it belonged, but when I braked, I saw it again. The tow bar did not break, but the a nut came loose which controlled the locking pin to the effect that one arm would not lock. I now have two nuts locked together to keep this from happening again. Those of you who use this tow bar should check to see that these nuts are secured.
2001 Newell #579
tow a Honda Odyssey
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I only back up very short distance & only very straight line. As in getting out of truck stop parking place. Otherwise we ALWAYS unhook tow car to get out of a bad spot before it gets in any bind.
I never back up and the jeep only weights 4,000 lbs. I don't remember if it is a black hawk or falcon. I do remember it is rated at 8,000 lbs. A seminar would be great.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
After reading this I called road master I have an all terrain bar. Their technician told me the life of a bar is 70,000 miles or 10 years. If it has been serviced regularly it's is still the same. Did not offer much conversation or explanation.

I called blue ox spoke to their technician who said life of their bar is 100,000 miles and or 10 years as well. He explained that service every 2 to 3 years is necessary and the life of the bar will change based on environment and terrain traveled. Failure happens due to metal fatigue and welds breaking. The aluminum bar has a shorter expected life of 7 years with the preference of conditions. He also noted that very cold weather and salt air environment will shorten the life as well.

I need to place new plates on a new vehicle. My current bar has well over 50k on it and is 7 years old. Hmmmmm what to do!
Doug and Melanie Matz
2015 45 Bunk Coach 1517
Toad Ford Flex

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