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Can we talk maintenance cost?
Someone mentioned that to replace tires and batteries on a Newell costs $10,000.00. Thats for 8 tires and about as many batteries right?

Then there's oil and filter changes and I think I read thats every 25,000 miles and costs around $700.00.

What are other standard maintenance items and costs associated with them? I know there are those who say "if you have to ask what it costs you can't afford it". I say "Planning is everything"... If you don't know what you need to know, just say no to not knowing you know! Wow I wish I'd of said that...

Depends on what year Newell, and what tires and batteries. The tires on my Newell run about $350-$400 each (times 6 equals a max of $2,400). My 8d batteries cost under $200 each and there are four of those. Total cost for batteries and tires on my 1982 Newell would run about $3,200. What year are you referring to, and what make of tires and batteries?

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clarke, if you talk a coach like mine, 10k isnt too far out of line for 8 tires and 6agm batteries plus 2 starting batteries.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Most Tires Age out before their wore out.. Start with New ones and you'll be good for about 4-5 years. Same with batteries, unless you do something silly...Or you could have Forrest help with the FO modification and you will never buy batteries again. And it depends on how much you are willing to do yourself...
OK Jimmy, give it up, whats a FO modification and what does it cost?
I agree with Tom. I had a 02 Foretravel before my Newell and the Maintenance of each are about the same. But not every Newell one buys needs all this at once. My batteries were just one year old and my drive tires were 3 years old (needs new ones about every 5 or 6 years). My front tires about every 3 years, unless you have 365 and then every 5 years. So I bought only 4 tires. I change my oil every year. I guess what I am saying is that Newells are not really any more expensive to maintain than other MHs. All motor homes are expensive to maintain period. The more slides one has the more expensive. I agree with Tom, $10,000 for a set of tires and 8 batteries.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
(07-23-2014, 02:08 PM)Foodsman Wrote: OK Jimmy, give it up, whats a FO modification and what does it cost?

There is a whole series on it...
Newell has an annual maitance prevention program that you can take coach for. Now granted it's at the factory but it runs around 4000 , replace all filters and change all fluids includes other stuff I'm not quite sure what, I was told there are over 20 filters on a coach alone
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Harry a lot of Maintenance one can do themselves. The ones you cannot do or do not want to do have it done. This is the great thing about this forum everyone is trying to help each other. Some of the guys on this forum know about as much about Newells as the factory. The great thing about Newells is that when you spend you money you are spending on something well built and that you are proud of. The price per hour is about $110.00 and it doesn't matter weather it is a $200,000 motor home or a $30,000 motor home it still the same hourly wages. When you look to buy a coach look for one that has been taken care of and maintained and has not been abused. You will be money ahead.
I have a place here in Nac. that will change my oil for $50.00. There is about 10 gals. of this stuff and he disposes of it for me. There are ones on the forum that would not think of spending that for an oil change. 10 years ago I wouldn't either. But now that I am older is worth it to me. I do furnish the oil and filters. I buy the oil through out the year when I can find it on sale. I do grease the chassis myself and other things I like to do. So a lot of this is up to you as to how much you like to get your hand dirty.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
Chappel, Newell shop rate was posted at $118.00 per hr when we were there this summer. Still a bargain especially considering Foretravel in Nac. has been $125.00 per hr for a couple of years now. ( or so I have heard)

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