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scs thermostat manual
Tom u got it!
Bill Johnson
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(09-08-2012, 06:45 PM)encantotom Wrote: ok,  darlene and i were out in the coach for a few hours this afternoon trying to draw out our new headboard and finalize the dimensions on the nightstands.  

i ran the air conditioners to keep it nice in there while we were there.  when we were done i decided to play with the thermostats some more to see if i could figure out how to get them to display the room temp instead of the setpoint temp.  

russ, you will be proud of me.  i figured it out.  

if i hold down the fan button at the same time as holding the blue down temp button for about 5 seconds then let go, it flips into another display mode that flashes between setpoint temp and actual room temp.  it keeps switching between the two about every 5 seconds or so.  

i am very happy i found out how to do that.  

likewise, to change to celcius just hold down the red and blue buttons at the same time and then let go.  same to switch back.  i know russ found that one when he was here before.  

hopefully when i get the manual next week there might be more surprises on what else can be done.  



Hi Tom,

I tried this tonight on my SCS digital sentry in the bedroom. No luck, all pushing the fan and blue button did was change the temp and fan speed. Tried several times. Did you ever get the manual?
Thanks Mike
Mike & Jeannie Ginn
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