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Yet Another Classic Newell Coach Getting Repowered!
Love the pictures. Keep them coming.

It's clear that there is no room between the crank pulley and the rear for a radiator. Looks like you went with the hydraulic. You may or may not be aware that Newell used a two speed setup for the Series 60. On the low speed the fan barely turns, and on high it will be a hurricane. That was their solution to keeping the efficiency in check. I do know that when my two speed setup failed, I lost over 0.5 mpg due to the fan running on high all the time.
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Looking good Jon.
I understand Mike’s part time over the warm months, has he finished it yet?

I think your side radiator is going to stay cleaner, mine has been, the rear radiator used to get dust sucked up off the road.  Now I have clean side air on the driver side for cooling and intake air on the other.  I’m running the hydraulic fan, haven’t noticed a problem, it runs pretty slow generally, I think the scoops on the sides pull in quite a bit of air even at slower speeds.  The other benefit is great access in the back for maintenance.

I’m interested to get a road report, I do pretty well with 350hp, even though your coach is a bit heavier, 500 hp will be great.

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