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MrE,  To answer your queries, I went with the double pane windows (I believe they were called "model 1800".  They cost a bit more, but provide better sound and heat/cold insulation factors.  I bought them some time ago, so I don't remember the price exactly, but I seem to recall about $5000 for all 10 windows.  They arrived in a very nifty deep coffin-looking box.  They were beautifully packaged in foam slots with tons of foam.  Not a scratch or crack anywhere on them.  Of note, I changed the design of the windows to exactly what I wanted.  In the four corners, I specified low T-bar style.  This ensures I always have a shady window from whence to draw cooler air, via the roof-centred fantastic fan.  The low T-bars also provide un-fettered viewing from the pilot and co-pilot seats.  I believe the small openings also provide more security (too small for a man to crawl thru, even when open).  I purposely went with "boring" unencumbered glass for all the other windows.  My sight-lines within the salon and dining areas are now absolutely excellent (I dislike looking around seams/handles).  It was a very big job and making that first cut was nerve-wracking, but I don't regret any aspect of the job.  If curious, I cut out all 10 windows (perfect rectangles), measured 3 times, and then placed my order.  I was able to easily repurpose the (longer) vertical aluminium framing into the (shorter) new vertical spaces (as shown in the pictures).  Overall, a great upgrade for our Classics.

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Pat & Wrenda
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Beautiful workmanship !
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
Guy, if you cannot go direct any longer, how do you order them, or through whom do you order them?

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
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To me, it looks like they still take orders:
By-the-way, if I had just one very minor disappointment, it was that the new windows were tinted "lighter" than I anticipated.  Therefore, if you like dark tint (like me), I'd advise that you round-up your tint selection.  I've included an image of a single pane taken out of the original salon slider window with the solid window I put in the kitchen.  You can see the new glass is more see-thru.  I've also added an image of me cutting the inside.  Note, although it took more time and layout, I very purposely cut one side at a time.  It is nearly impossible to cut perfectly square thru that thickness of interior skin, plywood, insulation and outer skin.  Lastly, I've added a side profile view on an installed window, for those curious of slipstream noises and protrusions.

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Pat & Wrenda
1983 Newell Classic, #8
38', 903 Cummins
Canadian by birth, Texan by heart
when i put the new windows in my 90, they were already rectangular, but the radius of the new windows was considerably different so i had to recut the curves in each corner of each window opening.

did you get low e windows?

it will really make your coach alot lighter in side with the bigger windows.

nice work

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

I put out incorrect information about Motion windows. Motion windows was more than happy to quote me on replacing my Peninsula  windows. In fact, the quick quote from  them was priced and returned to me the same day. What they would not do was sell me replacement parts or glass for my existiong windows. For that they wanted me to go to a reccomended glass shop. Going back through paperwork, it looks like these windows had the felt replaced by the previous owner 5 years ago from parts purchased direct from Motion. While the windows did slide, they have always been problematic, needing a glass suction cup to slide them  and  they don't slide except with extreme force. I have removed, cleaned, and re installed the felt with no success. I did replace the felt  materials with rubber  from Steele Rubber Products and they are semi functioning.  I am done fooling with these old windows.
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

It may not be the felt. My windows were pretty sticky because the bottom track that the window slides on, and the track that carries the weight of the window, was not allowing the window to slide. I used very long zip ties, cut them to length, and slide them between the bottom track and the bottom of the window. Slicked them up with a little dry silicone, and the windows aren’t nearly as tough to move. The grooved part of the zip tie faces down.
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Ok then....... I feel a little like Charlie Brown letting Lucy hold the ball for him one more time Smile  I will give it a try Richard. . Thank you.
Many times Richard has saved me from myself by maving me look at the simple things as a possible cause of the problem.
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

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