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Rear Axle Change
Repowering my 79 36Ft Newell.  Replacing 555 with 6V92 Silver and 747HD Allison.  Need to know what model and Ratio Rear that I should be searching for, and any leads on where to look.  Thanks   Pete
I am repowering my 79 from 555 to 6V92.  I cannot find tag on drive axle.  I know I need to change ratio but don't know what axle I should be searching for.  Anyone know what axle it is.  I think someone said Rockwell SQRD but need to calculate ideal ratio for Allison 4 speed 747hd.  Thanks for any information you might have.
I have the 8V92, 4 speed. 3.55 gear

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1986 Newell 8V92 
A little off the track here but, you are migrating to a 2 cycle engine. We have an original 8V92 and love it, but I am curious as to why you went that direction. 

Wishing you well in your repower, and hope you will post pictures along the way
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
This project has been an ongoing nightmare for 15 years or more. At the time, I purchased a rebuilt by GM 6V92 Silver with rebuilt 747 Allison. The "mechanic" in Missouri stole my money and never finished. I Had it towed to Ohio where it presently is stored with engine half in. I knew it would require taller gears but not sure what rear it is without any tags. I will probably pass on before I get to drive this thing, but need to keep thinking I will get it done.
The gear ratio can be determined by blocking one wheel, jacking the other and spinning it around 10 times while counting the the revolutions of the drive shaft. Double the count and divide by 10 and you will have your current ratio.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed
Thank You. My predicament is that I do not know what model rears I am looking for. I would like to change the ring and pinion but need to know model axle that Newell used that year. The metal tag on the axle is nowhere to be found so I cannot identify my axle. Someone said Rockwell QRD100, but I need someone with a similiar setup with the 555 cummins who can tell me what axle they have. Mine is a 79 36 foot with 4 spd allison. I think I have gears in the 5's and need something around 3:55.

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