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I use deionized water for entire wash as I don't use a ton of water. Most people would probably only use for rinsing. Works best with power washer as you use less water. One day while in Miami I asked Newell how they kept all of their coaches so clean. I learned They use deionized water to rinse the coaches after they are washed. It's the single best investment for washing my coach. There's not a spot on it after rinsing. Not a spot.

CR has a system that is portable and that's the reason I have it. But their resin (refill) is high priced, so I buy it locally and there are other suppliers online that are cheaper. Griots is fine but the tank is small as it's geared towards cars not buses so you will need to refill the resin more often.

The washes per refill (how long resin lasts) is based on how much solids are in the city water and the gallons used per wash. Or if you leave water sitting in the resin (don't use it) for a long time it decreases life of resin. I don't know the exact number of wash rinses I get but it lasts me a while. I keep my coach very clean so I do wash it often. However, the fact it's so easy to do increases how frequently I wash it.
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Thanks Jason. I guess I have to buy one now :-)
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Same here....
I used to pay a guy that would come with his own reservoirs of DI water and wash/rinse/wax the coach $300 a pop for a 45 footer, it adds up really fast.
So I got my own CR Spotless DI water system - DIC-20 and use the DI water for wash and rinse.
At first I did it with the hose like they show it in pictures then, I realized that I can use 1/4 of the water or less if I use the right power washer.
I got a good Wash and Wax shampoo - Meguiar's G17748 Ultimate Wash and Wax and it is truly amazing.

The CR spotless is here:

and the Power washer that will work properly with the output of the DIC-20 ( 1.3 gal/min) and not damage the paint ( 1350 psi) is the more expensive AR610 but works like you would not believe.....not one spot left on the coach, dries in full sun sometimes and looks as good as after a hand wax and polish.

The added benefit of this setup is full portability ... our 110v domestic water pumps will deliver the proper pressure to use the DIC-20 and the AR610 from the coach's fresh water tank. Everything is portable and does not take a lot of space. You can wash the front of the coach in 20 minutes, use maybe 10 gallons of water and power off the generator... no spots and a brilliant shine.

$1100 investment but I can do it whenever I need and the results are very, very good......ROI...really fast, after the 4th full coach wash/rinse/wax it costs only about $10 per wash in depleted resin and the cost of electricity.

Based on the meter, a full coach will take about 50-60 gallons of water with the AR610 power washer and a load of resin lasts about 400-450 gallons - refills are as low as $70 for both tanks

Add to that that you can wash your cars the right way as well, and have professional results.....
I put a water softener in y shop and an outside hose bib

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