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2017 Summer Travel
Rhonda is planning another loop of the west for this summer. You know she plans everything down to having every reservation before the coach rolls. She is finding lots of popular RV camps BOOKED. The reservations people she is talking to are commenting that it looks to be their busiest season ever. I suppose the economy has been good long enough that the RV business has rebounded and fuel is still relatively cheap. 

Just sayin that if you plan on traveling this summer, it might be good to make some calls.
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We've ran into the same issue. This summer seems to be the most booked we've seen.
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Yep, I had the problem last year everywhere in the West. The RV industry has sold a large amount of RVs in the last few years, but few parks have been built. The problem is most acute in the large western cities and we had better luck in the countryside and smaller cities. We have a month reserved late in the summer on the Oregon Coast, but otherwise we have the same problem.
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We have had problems recently having to move because parks were booked up in advance. We had to move out of park in St. George,UT & had to stay in Littlefield.AZ for days as Mesquite, NV was also booked due to NASCAR. Nice thing about "huge" holding tanks is that we can always dry camp for a few days as long as we can find a truckstop or somewhere we can run generator without being offensive.
I've always a spot at Lake Tahoe....

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We dry camp a lot more now than we used to and now often times prefer it. It's nice having a good campground though, especially for longer stays. I think there is a huge shortage of nice campgrounds, especially outside of typical snowbird (FL, Palm Springs, etc) or tourist type locations. "Nice" is subjective obviously, but if you have a Newell of any vintage nice generally means bigger lot, level, clean, etc.

The shortage of nice (and available) RV resorts has created the classic economic 101 situation where demand exceeds supply, especially during peak seasons.
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We just reserved several days in Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach for early August. There were only a few large sites left..
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This is foreboding for me given my typical extemporaneous travel style. Planning ahead hasn't been my style. Hmm, not sure how to respond if this turns out to reduce my travel. Life is tradeoffs, maybe I really do need to learn to plan ahead. Yikes, my late wife wouldn't recognize me Smile
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