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Pre-heat light???
Hi all.....I just purchased #599, a 2001 triple slide w/ DD Series 60, working my way home from OKC to Michigan. I stopped at Newell Coach today, got a little "Newell 101" from Randy. SO many controls to learn. Randy told me it was ok to run down the road with the "Detroit Engine Pre heat" switch in the on position, as it would act as "motor aid" water heater. When doing just that today, after about 5 hours of driving, a red "pre heat" light came on in the "warning lights" section of the instrum panel. What does this mean?  Thanks in advance! Bryan
Ionia, MI
2001 Newell #599
1983 Apollo Sceptre 35' DP

That is a great question and I hope others chime in with what they know. On the 95 coach I owned there was a hot water circulation pump back in the engine bay. When you turned the heat on max it turned on and helped circulate water from the engine to both the dash heater and the aquahot. When driving in cold weather I had plenty of heat at the dash, and the Aquahot display would run in the 170s.

The 99 I have now does NOT have that circulation pump. I have lukewarm heat at the dash and the AH display runs 120 or so in cold weather. If I turn on the preheat pump which is part of the aquahot system, it does improve the dash heat and raised the AH temp by 20 degrees or so depending on how cold it is.

So my way of thinking is the preheat pump is trying to do what the old circulation pump used to do.

If I still lived in cold weather I would be installing such a pump. They are commonly used on school buses.

I get the preheat light anytime I turn on the preheat pump.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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As soon as I turn on the "pre heat pump" my red warning light is lit.  Stays lit until I shut off the "pre heat pump" switch.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531

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