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Right height/level?
Hello all, I have a 2001 Newell number 599. I've had it for about a month now. Every time I approach it from across the parking lot, it appears that the front end is higher than the rear end.  Today I measured it on a level paved surface. I measured the front at the very bottom of the body panels directly behind the front wheel, and I measured the rear at the very bottom of the same body panel directly in front of the drive axle. The front measures approximately 1 inch higher than the rear.  In my head, it seems like it should be fairly level, or if anything the front a touch lower than the rear. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Ionia, MI
2001 Newell #599
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Assuming you are checking in travel mode, not level mode, I have mine adjusted to about 12", but I think the exact measurement is 12.25", front and back. The height control valves on mine were adjusted by a professional who had the necessary safety equipment. Do not attempt it yourself without cribbing the frame.
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I run my front a little higher so that 365 size tires won't hit the fender flares when I turn. Keep in mind if
You alter the ride height in the front it has dramatic effect on the toe in.
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Newell recently told me that the preferred ride height for my coach was 12", measured not from the bottom of the bay door skin, but from the 2" frame running under the bay. You should see each end of that rail protrude slightly (perhaps an inch) into the the rear of the front tire wheel well, as well as the front of the drive tire wheel well. As Richard mentioned, mine is slightly elevated as well in the front for wheel well/tire clearance.
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