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Airing up to travel height
My 1988 Coach, #174, seems to take a long time to air up to travel height.  How long should this typically take from dump mode?  Thanks    Peter
If I am just coming out of level mode then five minutes or less. If all
Of the he air has been exhausted from the airbags then it could take
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About 10 or 15 minutes.
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Thanks! I guess I'm good then. I have found a few air leaks ie slide valve for step cover, low brake pressure sender and one forward tank with pinhole. Things are much better now. I just took her in for paint work, as we speak. The 3M diamond coat on front cap is all alligatored so getting her all dolled up. Local Body and Paint shop in Lake Alfred, Florida. pk
it does take quite a while. there are alot of air tanks on mine, so a lot of volume.

when i am in my shop, i keep it on shop air or air it up with the shop air and it takes very little time....

a few summers ago we stayed at steve bares and he helped darlene and i take off the diamond shield on the front. long and slow but got it off. we figure it took us about 24 person hours with plastic chisels heat gun and goo gone. sure makes the front look better

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Local vendors charge upward of $1000. and will not guarantee paint in process. I figured on a repaint and having lower clear coat freshened up while it's in process. Should look like the 30 year old princess that she is. I have a 06 Wanderlodge 450 LXi that we purchased new. It's for sale and we will keep the ole Newell as our go to vessel. I also have a 79 Newell 36 footer in Ohio with 79000 miles. I am having the 555 replaced with a new 6V92. Hope I live long enough to get that one done.
we had heard the same thing about success rates. i had one spot about the size of a pin head come off, about the size of a very small rock chip. cant even see it.

we were very careful. but the incredible imron still looks like new on mine and it was painted 16 years ago.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH


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