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#481 1998 single slide for sale
I don't know if the state vehicle licensing group would accept the DDEC mileage or not. Typically, any time that a speedometer is replaced with a new speedometer with 0 miles, the state catches that at inspection or registration and so marks the title since it isn't obvious to anyone who drives the vehicle. You would need a DDEC reader to be able to pull the mileage.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
(02-22-2018, 09:02 PM)Newbie 1 Wrote: Checking mileage by DDEC? (Sorry if I got that wrong)

DDEC = Detroit Diesel Electronic Control System (engine computer)
At a high level, in addition to managing the operation of the engine, DDEC tracks and stores a lot of info useful for diagnostics and fleet management. One of the the tracked parameters is mileage. The DDEC module has a diagnostic port that mechanics can use to read / download all of the stored info.  Some owners invest in the interface module and laptop software that allows them to read stored info and display key DDEC parameters in real time (revs, speed, temps, pressures, miles, engine hours, etc., etc.).

Personally, I’m a conservative enough buyer that getting the coach to a shop that can read and analyze everything on the DDEC would be a required part of my pre-purchase inspection. The experienced gurus may have other views on the value of this.
Thank you everyone. The idea to pre-purchase inspection @ a shop that knows this coach and could retieve DDEC information and the matters identified by Floridian were discussed with the Lazy Days. They disagreed and rejected any outside review, unless the review was on-site. They also will not buge on pricing, saying the current price reflects the condition and mileage situation.

This is too much for us given those considerations.
Thanks everyone for all your input.
You likely saved us a huge headache and $ loss.

My best to all of you.
Don't give up on your search. The right coach is out there somewhere. It took us about 18 months to find "the one" at a price point that was acceptable.

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