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Autofill with silverleaf TM102
Hey all,

I've almost completely replaced every bit of functionality on my Silverleaf house system ("TCS") now, except for the autofill.   There is another thread on autofill in this forum, but I skimmed it and didn't see discussion of what I am looking for, so I thought I'd start a fresh topic.

In looking at the schematic for the Silverleaf TM102, it has a "fill switch" input wire and a "fill valve" output wire documented.  My galley Silverleaf panel/computer has a menu option to engage the "auto fill", which fills the tank most of the way and then shuts off.

Does anyone know how Silverleaf interacts with these wires, and how these wires interact with the filling system downstream?  I know, I should go trace the wires and figure it out myself... but I thought I would accelerate the process here since I bet some of you know it by heart.


2008 Newell #1234
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