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Water Pump Usage
Have a question on when to use the water pump. I understand when you are not hooked up to water you have to use the water pump, but do you turn your water pump on when you are hooked up to water? In the past when we were in a rv park hooked up to water I did not turn the pump on. When you are traveling do you leave the water pump on? Do you leave the water pump on all the time?
Our commodes use water pressure for flushing. Recently the commode got stopped up and I was asked if the water pump was on. The water pump was off because we were hooked to water. Thanks in advance for all opinions.


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i always turn the water pump off if i am on city water. if i am not on city water, i leave it on all the time. in fact it is on sitting in my shop. thats just me.

for me, i dont full time, so i seldom hook up to city water. if i do, i am careful about the pressure. yes, there is a pressure regulator on the coach and yours will have one too, but i am still careful.

my two cents worth

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I never hook up to city water. Except in storage, I leave pump on and use the 160 gal. water tank.
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Tom and Chester,
Thank you for your replies.


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I am full timing, and use my 110v water pump all the time. I have hooked to city water a couple times with poor results. Example, just today I tried city water while my wife was washing clothes, the pressure was too low and the toilets etc did not function well as they are set to the pump pressure. Also, using the pump you will never overflow the Black/grey tank, you should run out of water first.

Lastly, I try to remember to switch over to the 12v pump when traveling and not running generator as it is much less battery load.

My .02 cents:-)
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I am running two 12V pumps. No 120V. I never hook up to water . I refill my tank as needed. I dont have a W/D but it runs the dishwasher fine. We use our Newell several times per year for 3-4 days up to 2 weeks at a time.
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so i agree with mike and dean, like i said i just use the water pump instead of hooking up.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

On my coach, if you leave the 120V water pump on AND hook to city water, it raises the water pressure and jams the sequencing valve on the microphor potty.
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In our coach you must have the head hunter pump on in order for the toilets to flush. So I fill my fresh water tank and use my head hunter. I turn off the city, for as Richard pointed out you will spike your water pressure in the coach if you leave the city water on and the head hunter running.
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When we are traveling, as we are now, I rarely hook up to city water except to refill my tank (160 gallons)..... when we are moving pretty much every day it is one less thing to disconnect.

There are occasions when i am hooked up to city water that the water pressure is not good enough so I turn on the water pump to increase the pressure.

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