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Switching From Generator to 50 Amps For Roof Airs
We were at Newell this past week for service and while on the road to and from Newell we ran all four roof airs using the generator. When we arrived home I turned off the air conditioners and the generator and plugged the coach into 50 amp. After plugging the coach into 50 amp I noticed that it took about two minutes before the thermostat would turn on. Is two minutes switching from generator to 50 amp too long?
The other thing I noticed during our return trip home was that the thermostat would not allow me to change the temperature on any of the air conditioner zones. The thermostat was unresponsive to zone changes, temperature changes, or changing from a/c to heat. Any thoughts on this situation? I appreciate any and all input.

Reese Cantrell

Newell Coach 1242
Most thermostats have a built in delay to keep the compressors from starting gains a high head pressure. Mine is about three minutes. So when I switch power sources, my sequence is shut down AC, shut down generator, plug in, wait for power protection to kick on, turn AC back on. I feel that provides the most protection for the generator and the transfer switch.
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Thank you for your response about the thermostat delay.
Regarding the thermostat not responding, this is common unfortunately. Mine does it, too. You can pull the thermostat cover off and yank the glass fuse out for a few minutes. Replacing it will usually bring it back to life.

On mine, though, it'll just randomly catch up at some point.

Sometimes it drops a few zones. Sometimes it prevents me from doing anything, like you describe. There is a data bus (wires) that let the thermostat talk to all of the roof units, and I suspect that bus gets confused sometimes, perhaps due to interference on the wires or just a crummy implementation.

There is a guy working on a new drop-in thermostat that will control multi-zone Coleman RV roof airs with a full smart interface, wifi, etc. He can't get his product to market fast enough, in my opinion. The RVcomfort system is pretty frustrating.
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Thank you for your comments about the lack of response or no response by the thermostat. That is very helpful. Good to know that it can be the system and not operator error (me).

We had to get the coach inspected to renew our tags and used the generator to power the Acs while driving.  When we were back at the storage unit we switched from generator power to 50 amp and the thermostat froze - no response!  I waited for 30 min, still no response, so I left the coach and returned this morning hoping for resolution.  But NO.  I pulled the fuse, waited for a few minutes and plugged it back in.  For about 15 sec. the thermostat remained unchanged but then switched over and was able to respond.  Thank you for suggesting pulling the fuse!!
Is something with the thermostat going out, does it need replacing?  Has anyone had their thermostats for heating and cooling replaced?

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