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When in storage, do you leave the MH plugged into shore power?
Do you leave both inverters on?
How much power does it take per month?
I tried turning inverters off but batteries went down.
So I left plugged in and power company says I used 300 kw last month?

Also, do you dump the air. On suspension when in storage?
Make sure you have your aqua hot turned off for both diesel and electric. The aqua hot electric coils will do a good job spinning the electric meter!
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You will want to be plugged up and 120v compressors on to keep the slide seals inflated. Also most will leave the fridge on. Turn off all water pumps. Nothing good can come of leaving water pumps on. Air up or down on leveling is a debated subjective
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Newell told me that for long term storage I should deflate the air bags. The bags have an internal rubber cushion.
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mine is plugged into 50a in my shop all the time.

i leave the inverter able to charge the batteries.

i plug the coach into shop air at 125psi

my compressors are off

my fridge is always left on

i tend to have my air suspension down near bottom

and i have a teenager who i hire who just polished the engine compartment....not as good as steve bares, but i am trying....

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Our coach is plugged into 50 amp. Because we live in East Texas were it is HOT and MUGGY. I have the exhaust fans programmed to 80 degrees. The thermostat is set for the roof air conditioners number 1 and 3 to come on at 80 degrees. Aqua Hot is off. We close the window shades. The garage has an exhaust fan that is on.


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