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2002 Coach #624 Quad slide, 2 baths SOLD

Wonder how the slide roof held up with a drop down bed, with all the additional equipment I bet there were a few problems. Too bad no photos of the damage.

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"
Gravette, Arkansas

Wow Jack.. you get up early!

Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, Non-slide, Series 60, ABS, 1.5 Bath, Reverse Floorplan


I have been helping a friend put solar on his coach and had a long day so 7:45 PM I was in bed 8 hours later I'm up.  Big Grin

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"
Gravette, Arkansas

(06-16-2018, 06:04 PM)Seattle2002Newell Wrote:  Hi Everybody - 

I just put Coach #624 up for sale!  I'm very sad to part with it, but it's time to pass the baton.  
Thanks for the interest and kind words about my coach on the Newell Guru Forum.

  Nation Wide 2002 Newell Mid Entry $250,000 Seattle, WA (0 miles) Used 45ft 4 Slides Sleeps 8 Odometer: 43,962     

However, Coach #624 does have a few more unique features and bells and whistles than you guys might have noticed. 
If you don't mind, I'd like to share. Here goes:

Coach #624 was designed to be very flexible and sleep more people than you'd think possible, if needed.
1) It has 2 tandem drop-down-space saving-bunks behind the driver.  Each is 25" deep x 72" long.  When they're in the "stowed up" position you don't even know they're there.  Photo #12 on the RVT web ad shows one of the drop-down bunks in the down position.
2) The Leather Dinette is convertible and expandable, and can sleep two people. 
3) The Salon has two Convertible "Hide-a-Bed" Sofas opposing each other and together can sleep 4 people, which is only possible when both Salon slide outs are out (it's 12 feet wide then).
4) Since you could theoretically sleep 10 people with this coach configuration (8 in the Salon + 2 in the Master Bedroom=10 people), we had Newell add a second shower in the mid-coach bathroom for a total of 2 full bathrooms & 2 showers.
5) For safety's sake, we had Newell add 11-Stainless Steel Grab-Bars at strategic places on the coach (each one with a knurled 14" grab bar).
6) For safety's sake, and in addition to the Standard Newell 2-Speed Jake Brake, we also had Newell add an Allison-Transmission-Retarder to our coach (a $49,000 option - the Allison retarder has been used on fire trucks as supplemental braking) that provides a third-braking option if improbably, there were other multiple failures in the braking system.  I once suffered a hair-raising total loss of primary and emergency brakes while driving a Pace Arrow down a steep and narrow road while towing a Ford Explorer without supplemental brakes. Hence the third braking system.
7) For safety's sake we also had Newell add their Optional 2nd Sway Bar.
8) For safety's sake we also had Newell add their Optional RoadKing Shocks (added August 2017). Having both the Sway Bar Upgrade and the upgraded RoadKing Shocks makes for amazing stability in both turns and in side-winds!  
9) For safety's sake we also had Newell install their Optional 365 Wheel/Tire upgrade increasing GVWR to 58,500 lbs.
7) For safety's sake we also had Newell add their 20,000 lb. capacity heavy duty hitch receiver system.
8) For safety's sake we also added a 7-camera Driver Situational Awareness System.  
   2 low Lux HD cameras on R/L front side of coach 3 feet back from the front of the coach, mounted 4-feet up from ground level, looking at traffic in the Blind Spot;  
   2 low Lux HD cameras are at the very rear of coach, each on the R/L rear side, mounted 4-feet up from ground level, looking back at traffic and the Tow Vehicle; 
   1 low Lux HD camera mounted high up just below the rear coach roofline looking back and down (in the standard Newell back-up camera mounting position);
   1 FLIR Thermal-Camera mounted under the front license plate looking forward (zoomable, enables driver to see in the fog and the dark);
   1 low Lux HD camera mounted in the Master Bedroom (with key lock-out to disable when not driving and keeping an eye on the kids in the back bedroom)
   All six cameras are switched to a bright 14" monitor mounted on top of dash angled towards driver.  Ergonomic design. 
   The monitor has 9-push buttons to easily/quickly select the camera to display on monitor, or to select all cameras. 
   This option grew out of an experience where I changed lanes on an Interstate while driving my Newell, not knowing that there was a camper in my right side 
   blind spot. While I had looked in the mirror, the other vehicle was perfectly situated to be invisible to me. Fortunately our vehicles touched each other only lightly,                  causing no visible damage, but I well understood that we'd been only a hair-breadth from a huge disaster.
9) For redundancy sake, we had Newell add dual-ProSine 3,000 Watt inverter/chargers, instead of the standard single inverter.
10) For Fun's sake we had Newell install a 30 foot long x 7 foot wide Heavy-Duty Diamond-Plate Aluminum roof deck when the coach was built.  It's accessed by a transparent 24" x 24" skylight/hatch in the Master Bath.  It can afford a "great above it all" view for special events from your own roof deck.
11) For Comfort's sake - We recently installed 4 roof-top Dometic BriskII 15,000 Btu AC units. We decommissioned the Front SCS Cooling System (it never seemed to work that well even when new).  We left the rear 28,000 Btu SCS AC unit in place as it still works well.  The total available coach cooling is now 88,000 Btu.
12) The coach has recently had the all AV systems updated to state of the art systems.  Front TV updated to 42" Samsung UHD 4K, with new Yamaha Receiver/Amplifier with Terrific Surround-Sound, Samsung UHD 4K Blu-Ray Player, AppleTV 4K.  Back Master AV system updated to 50" Samsung UHD 4K, with new Yamaha Receiver/Amplifier with Terrific Surround-Sound, Samsung UHD 4K Blu-Ray Player, AppleTV 4K.
13)  Coach tow vehicle (included in the sale) is a 2001 Chevy Suburban 2500 LT (Sunroof, 8 passenger seating, AC, 4WD, 8.1Liter engine) with Roadmaster's Proportional Supplemental Braking System (Air Brake version), using a Roadmaster Blackhawk 422 10,000 lb. capacity Non-Binding Tow Bar, connection ted to the 20,000 lb. Newell Hitch Receiver.  This combination of Newell Coach and Suburban Tow Vehicle tows wonderfully, and is very stable. The time to connect/disconnect the Tow Vehicle to the coach is only a ten minute cycle.  The Suburban shows 74,000 miles on the odometer (which to me would normally be a red flag), but it's been towed for 43,000 miles of the 74,000 miles on the odometer, so it actually has dramatically less wear and tear that the odometer shows. It's been well maintained, and is in good shape. new tires, new shocks, new power steering pump, all new LED lights (excluding the headlights).
11) The Coach house air system has been upgraded, new main regulator at 110v air compressor, front right air tank replaced near 110v air compressor, and all coach air-tanks now have easy to access "pull-on-a-cable" air tank water drains installed.
12) The coach has had all 4-slide-out original inflatable seals replaced with new seals from Newell.

If you have a buddy that buys my coach because you let him know about it, I'll pay you a finder's fee at closing when you show me your email to your friend that mentions my coach! (5% at list price, 3% if less than list price)

Happy Trails to All!


I am looking at your old Newell 624 that is at a salvage auction.
Would you be able to tell me who you sold it to?
Rick McLain
Stockport, Iowa

Rick McLain
Keosauqua, Iowa


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