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Slide pin sensors
Responding to Tom's (#15) post, I procured the Grainger disk magnets that my slides have been doing without. Current symptom is that the bedroom slide will retract slightly too far and not lock. That slide has magnets in place under the skin of the roof (will attract a steel screw.) The indicator lights at the hydraulic control box show "IN UPPER FRONT" lit and "IN UPPER REAR" unlit. According to the HWH manual, the locks should activate when the retract position is indicated (and when pressure is 3000 psi,) which I presume requires both detectors to respond and light both indicators. So now, armed with magnets, I stick one (magnetically, no adhesive) to the existing magnet location (which worked by itself until a few months ago) on the rear of the slide roof and retract the slide. No change in symptoms. So is the next thing to check the actual Hall effect detector? Anyone know how to do this, or should I call HWH?
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HWH has been very helpful to me in resolving issues. You just have to call and then wait for them to call you back. Usually takes about two weeks in my experience.
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chuck, call paul, the guy i gave you the number for. no waiting time

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