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Broken Low Beam Headlight Glass
I was just curious if anyone has figured out where to purchase the replacement glass (not the bulb) for the low beam headlight assembly and eliminate the hassle of calling Newell?  

Joe & Sabrina Frantz
2003 Newell #676 
S60, 45'8"

I forget whether those are 90mm or 120mm....but in either case they are made by Hella and as far as I know, the front glass is not replaceable. My low beams are Xenon and the high beam are halogen.

Both are readily available on the internet but I don’t have the part numbers.

Suggest you measure your lights and then verify if you have halogen or Xenon low beams. My memory says that the Newell price was not that bad...but its been a few years.

Bill Johnson
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
2011 Jeep Wrangler
Auburn, Alabama
both of mine are halogen. the cheap old bulbs that dont last along time.

i replaced all 4 fixtures on mine years ago. they are hella and easily found. i think they are the 90mm but i dont remember for sure. i do remember i bought the wrong size first time.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

I'm in the process of changing my Hella low beams.  Ron Gripon (a fellow guru) gave me this name as a Hella rep:
Gordon Jones
Thanks for all the input and helpful information.
Joe & Sabrina Frantz
2003 Newell #676 
S60, 45'8"
If some one had entered the part number for this common part, the search would have been so easy for "the next guy".

Enter your part numbers here:
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Steve, that is so true.  I ordered 90mm Hella xenon low beams and thought it was going to be plug and play, not so.  Upon removing mine, I found they were 120mm.  Some model years had 120mm fixtures and later models changed to 90mm, I don't know where that break point is therefore a part number in this case would not have been helpful.  Additionally, I'm using xenon whereas Mr. Frantz may have halogen.  

For those wanting xenon 90mm Hella fixtures, here is the part number:  68139B  But beware, the ballast requires a special connector unavailable online, that i have found in quantities less than 20.  I'm still waiting on my 20 connectors.

As you can see from the picture, bracketry must be fabricated to accommodate the 120mm mounting in the 2000 model year. 

The tube molded into the front cap is 100mm.  This require a 100mm to 90mm bushing which i'll turn out of a 4" piece of virgin teflon.

Thank you Steve, for pointing that out.  I hope somebody else can benefit from this info.
Gordon Jones
I was not making my comment toward you.  I was just trying to show everyone how useful it would be to record our part numbers in the preset area of the forum.  Even knowing that "no two Newells are alike", it would give our Newell friends a great place to start.  Hopefully we can get more people on the forum to record their part numbers for "the next guy".
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Thanks for all the input, this is what I have come up with so far on the headlights for my coach:
  • Low Beam - Hella 90mm Xenon part #68139 
  • High Beam - Hella 90mm Halogen part #68136
In addition to the parts listed above I was able to find a much better price at ($195 vs +- $400 depending on site)

Joe & Sabrina Frantz
2003 Newell #676 
S60, 45'8"

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