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slide creep caused seal to roll out
Tom, I had mine replaced last summer by ABC Bus in Owatonna, Mn. I had to prod Newell to work with them a bit on this. Talked to a get a couple calls back to ABC. Anyway, they didn't have to take the slide the way out to get it done. Your tube price was the same.
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Can’t you over (or under) extend the slide to remove/replace the seal or is that only on the bedroom slide? The WOG group had someone buy a bunch of the slide seal material (bladder) and then they made up the ends as needed with some type of seal to join the ends together. They used a forklift to hold up the slides while working on them... just a thought.
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on the flat floor slides that are hwh, they have to be extended all the way out and then the rams released such that they can come out another 3 or 4 inches or so. you do not have to totally take the slide out, but it is out away from the coach. the bottom of the slide is still in the rail somehow.

according to mark at newell, the drivers side salon seals are the size the kit comes in so there is no cutting and joining needed.

the bedroom bed slide on most of your coaches (not mine) are raised floor slides and can be brought in to change the seal from the outside. not the case with the flat floor hwh slides.

if you have to cut and join the slide seal, the slide has to be removed further and it is alot more work evidently. that is because the metal piece that seals the two pieces of the seal together will not fit in the bottom without the slide taken out further. all of this is according to newell.

i am not intimidated to do this and do not plan on taking it somewhere to have done unless i run into problems.

i read the wanderlodge thread and have talked to david brady in the past. they have a different type of seal than what newell uses. the company that makes the newell seal has a minimum order that is way beyond anything that is acceptable to a small group of guys like us.

as for the forklift idea, i am not willing to take a chance with it. first of all, i dont have one. second of all, it would be very easy to damage the slide with it . third, i would have to find one that has brand new wheels on it as i would not put a beat up one on my shop floor. you would have to see my floor to understand.

so i will have a slide cart and i will use it as a work bench when done. be able to mount a vise and other things on it.

it should be fun.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

i got the new hwh RAP 90729 hydraulic solenoid valves and replace the front and rear extend valves to stop the slide creeping.

note to self and others.......hydraulic fluid under pressure really sprays......

ok, i have done this before, and worked on hydraulics before but......i was taking the old bedroom slide solenoid out. it was the old type so you back the 1/4" nut off exactly 4 1/2 turns to pull the valve back to relieve the pressure so you can take them out. usually you hear some hissing, but i didnt hear it. i used a special tool to go in the two holes in the back of the valve to start backing it out. hmmmmmmm it is turning really hard. my mind said that is because it is still under pressure. but my get it done side of my mind said just keep taking it out. i listened to the side that makes big messes and gets me really dirty. but at least there was no blood.

lets just say there was alot of red stuff that wasnt blood spraying all over. and my bibs need washing and my tshirt too.

oh well, i should listen to the rational side of my brain next time.

i got both solenoid valves changed after that. the other one released the pressure and didnt spray me all over.

life is good covered in ATF

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH


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