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Radiator Steam Cleaning- Lesson learned
Richard, it is a little late to check with my resident chemical engineer but........
is Simple Green really safe to use on aluminum as the packaging claims? 

My other choice was muriatic acid from the pool. (Just kidding)

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A pre-soak solution of Dawn dish soap is what I usually use.
The original simple green was very caustic. I havent looked at the “citrus” based simple green. I would not use simple green, purple power, or any big box store branded degreaser. Most are powerful caustics .

Clint is spot on. Use Dawn at about 25% dilution and let it soak.

Degreasers like Gunk have strong petroleum solvents. They wont hurt your radiator but they will kill allnthe rubber hoses
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Straight Dawn will attack 304 SS. If Dawn is used flush with lots of water
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