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water pump

Water Pumps not working
I have coach 347 and after a recent trip, when checking out my coach, I found that neither water pump would turn on.  I checked the fuses (O.K.).  The rocker switch is working correctly.  I spoke to the factory and after ruling out a couple of things the tech suggested a loose ground or wire.  Everything I reviewed checked out O.K.  The thought occurred to me that since my water level was low, that there may be a shutdown mechanism in the system that would disallow the water pumps from turning on.  Does anyone know if this is the case?
That is indeed a possibility. My headhunter pump will throw a fault if I ever run it dry. It has a little light on top that indicates error.

Turn off the pump from the switch inside coach and turn back on.

My 12V pump is also a little finicky. Since I rarely use it, it loses prime.

There is not as far as I know a separate system that will turn off both pumps based on water level.

Is your pump a headhunter?
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Our coach has a toggle on/off switch in the plumbing bay as well as the rocker switches inside on the panel above the microwave. This switch must be "on" for either pump to run. Coach 289 1992 model.
back to basics here. isolation and volt meters

your coach i assume has two 12v surflo pumps.

there should be 12v all the time at the pump itself. there will be a rocker switch in the galley that switches between pumps.

take your voltmeter and check for voltage at the plug that connects to the pump. if no 12v, then check the other pump.

if you have voltage at either pump, then there is something wrong with the pump. un likely both 12v pumps go bad.

if no 12v at either pump, then check for voltage at the 12v fuse block where you checked the fuse. just break it all into small chunks working backwards.

pretty simple for 12v. either no ground, no 12v, bad pump or bad switch.

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and i would really doubt you have a sensor that turns the pumps off if there is not enough water in the tank

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thanks for the responses.  I will check your suggestions.  All sound good.  My pumps are Surflos and they were working perfectly when we were dry camping.  No issues.  After we got home, and had dumped the waste, I noticed the water pumps were not working.  CC, you had mentioned a switch in the plumbing bay.  I have read other posts that talk about this, but I have not seen one in my coach.
Bleedski here to report I had success getting the Surflo pumps working. I had my voltmeter down in the plumbing bay and wasn't getting any voltage to the pumps or the fuses. I also noted that the lower compartment lights weren't working in any of the bays on the drivers side. The thought occurred that there may be a main fuse or breaker. Went to the main breaker panel situated in the drivers side closet in the bedroom, and there before my sweaty eyes was the "tripped" breaker for the galley receptacle. I re-engaged the breaker, turned on the pump rocker switch, and alas the pumps were working again. What the galley receptacle and water pumps have in common is unknown to me, but leave it to say that I now have my pumps working again. The lights in the lower compartments still don't work, but were a help in leading me to solving my issue. Thanks for everyone's help. Happy motoring.

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