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#258 1991 For Sale
1991 43' 9", 159,200 miles



Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
That is a great price if it is in decent running shape! Should leave plenty of room in someone's budget for some great Newell factory remodeling to get your own "custom built" Newell.
Must be the paint job opticals on side views, but I would have bet money that it's longer than 43' 9".
Philadelphia, PA
A coachless newbie who is here to learn...
Likely the angle. I see the front end is sitting high. VIN confirms the length.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
I went and looked at this yesterday as it is only 70 miles away. Nice guys own it and put money into it when they were using it, but it's been static on the Georgia clay in the back of the campground now for 2-3 years. Fires up and runs but suspension is down - rear valve has been bad in RR corner since it was on the road - front airbag is out (or a major leak - and hiss - that mimics a bag). One AC unit as stated plus dash air is down. A hub cracked at one point and was skillfully repaired for lack of parts, seems to be holding and not leaking oil after repeated attempts documented by ROs. New Onan 8Kw generator with 52 hours on it up front is very nice to have. Newer rear brakes on both axles, oil change and trans fluid about 1k miles but also 3 years ago. Surprisingly clean cosmetically. Not drivable at present due to front suspension bag at a minimum. I thought it over and offered $20k as it needs 8 tires as well. No response as yet. Sellers are motivated as they spend more than half the year out of the country.

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