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Weird air leak
Our coach is 395
We bought it through MOT. During our first trip I was impressed by how long it would hold
Air pressure. The chassis side (what I think of as brakes/air bags) would hold air for weeks.
The coach side (doors/toilet) for 36+ hours.
Prior to retiring I owned a fleet of trucks and anything that held air that long suprised

Now the rest of the story
Last winter we made a long swing down to TX to visit grandkids, then on to AZ for winter.
While in TX the air compressor started running about every 30 min. SO I got out the spray
Bottle and started chasing air more got real cold before we got out of KY
I found several leaks, BUT the compressor still ran every 30-40 mins

Remember it had been running once a day before this trip!

On our return from AZ we stopped at Camp Newell. The list of stuff was short, but the air
Leak was on the list. We were in the shop 5-6 hours and the tech found 3 small leaks.
But the compressor still ran to much (compared to before)

We headed back to KY where upon our arrival I order a leak detector.
A medical issue prevented me from using the new detector until hot weather

Guess what I found??
It had healed it’s self!!!

I’m now in Galveston TX and the compressor runs about once a day 

Does anyone have any idea what is going on????
Hot weather effected something??? if so what ??

I love the change BUT wonder what happened
Coach 385
Toad Mini Cooper 
The coaches leak faster in colder weather. The push to connect DOT fittings are leakers when they get older because the tubing gets a small impression from the collar.

Also clearances around seals increase with a decrease in temp.

I replace a leaking push on fitting with a compression fitting.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
I've had similar cold weather leaks that go away with warmer weather. So, the solution is stay where it's warm.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed

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