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Tag axle air regulator
OK so on our '86 I have an air leak in the right rear compartment. Appears to be a small control with an adjustment knob on top. I am assuming this is the tag air regulator. Is this  correct?. Has anyone replaced this? Parts available? Can I swap it for an aftermarket valve?  It appears to have a seal to prevent adjustment?  It's in a crappy place to get it out so I want to have something to replace it with before I take the lines off.  Thanks for now, Mark
Mark and Marian

1987 #125
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Gray SK  Maricopa AZ
Can you post a picture?

Do you have two six packs in the rear compartment?
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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Is this what you are talking about?

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1986 Newell 8V92 
(09-08-2018, 04:41 PM)Johnnyboy Wrote: Is this what you are talking about?
Not exactly but very similar. Ours looks drilled for a seal. I would think this would work. I have some regulators here in the shop that are similar, just slightly larger.

As for pics, the valve is behind 2 battery cables and a mess of wires and air lines. One line goes to an electric/air control of some sort. I can't follow the second air line but it appears to go down.

Ill check in daylight as to how many 6 packs.

Thanks, Mark
Mark and Marian

1987 #125
Pace 28' stacker

Gray SK  Maricopa AZ
If the leaky item is an older version of the item Johnny pictured, then the leaky item is a Pressure Protection Valve of which you would have one but it does not adjust pressure to the tag, it is not a pressure regulator but rather a valve that stops airflow when its inlet pressure is insufficient.

You may well have a leaky pressure regulator, it's just that the pictured item does not have that function.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed
It would appear that we have 2 6 packs.

Also now I don't think this has anything to do with the tag. Appears Jon is correct. as looks similar to his pic.

I have picked up a similar unit from a truck supply outfit.

Will see how it goes as it is in a real difficult spot
Mark and Marian

1987 #125
Pace 28' stacker

Gray SK  Maricopa AZ
Addem to the last post. Got this apart and the valve is the same as Jons pic. Has a wire keeper looped thru to keep the lid on. Says 60 psi on valve but it has zero resistance. Air flows thru at any pressure. This is the same idea as whats on our Freightliner MDT mounted directly to the air tanks.

Thanks for the input.
Mark and Marian

1987 #125
Pace 28' stacker

Gray SK  Maricopa AZ

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