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To extend or not extend...that is the question.
Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon several BB/Wanderlodges on their way to Cape Cod...great, great folks, btw. They were parked together at a CT rest area, and I think they spent the night. Seeing them parked so closely together got me to thinking:

I'm not sure there would have been room for them to extend in this parking scenario (although two were non-slide classics, I believe). So, what is common when spending the night at a crowded rest stop or truck stop? Do you extend or live skinny? Maybe this seems like (or is!) a stupid question, but it's one that I can't get out of my head.
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I never put the slides out in those situations

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We leave them in most of the time for one night stops. Much easier with a two slide coach than quad. Not knocking quads at all.
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I almost always leave the slides in (4 slide) when staying one night in a public space. The exception is that sometimes if I park next to an "island" I might put the slides out on the island side. This is one reason I look for Cracker Barrels .....they have an island on each end of their RV spaces.

I have two thoughts about this...

1) Of course, if you put out the slides you will take up room that others could use. Be a good neighbor.
2) Depending on the lighting, someone pulling in late at night may not realize that the slides are out. I would rather not have a "wreck" while parked and asleep.
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I have stayed at many Walmarts and truck stops (and Cracker Barrels). I like to put my slides out at least on one side, and therefore try to park somewhere where those slides can go over a non-parking area (curb, island, etc.). If parking across several automobile spaces, I park such that my extended slides (on one or both sides) don't protrude into adjacent lanes/spaces.

In no circumstances would I leave slides out if they protruded into adjacent roadways or spaces. For me, safety is not the issue, it's courtesy/manners.

Note that we do not hear about people crashing into slide-outs in parking lots, so those incidents must be rare. Mostly a courtesy issue, not safety.

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Skinny, when just overnighting. In addition, in situations where we must depart in the early morning, we pull slides in the night before for faster departure and not running the engine a long time next to neighbors in consideration of their sleep.
Mike & Jeannie Ginn
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Thanks for the responses, everyone...your comments are appreciated. Using proper etiquette was definitely part of my curiosity. Mike, nice addition regarding early morning departures, so thanks.

As we continue our coach research, we've toyed with the idea of a non-slide Prevost for simplicity, so that is in the back of my head, as well. Years ago, I bought a 5 speed high performance sports car without knowing how to drive stick, so I'm aiming for a bit more logical progression with this...haha.
Philadelphia, PA
A coachless newbie who is here to learn...
While we do not have slides on our 1982 Newell Classic, we do overnight at Walmarts, Cracker Barrels, Lowe's, & Cabela's frequently when traveling day after day and have observed pretty much every conceivable variation on parking lot etiquette in our 7 years of full time Newell living. Most overnighters with slides keep them retracted, but there is a percentage that will extend every slide, even for an over night stay. Most of them find a deserted corner of the parking lot where extending their slides will not inconvenience anyone. Some do not, and will stay for several days, if not weeks on end (the Walmart in Cottonwood, AZ, and the one in Indian Hills, NV.....near Carson City......are good examples of people who overstay their welcome) with awnings deployed, BBQ's out, along with camp chairs, and sometimes even a portable fireplace, if you can believe that. My goal is to always have a very small footprint, park on the outer edges of the parking lot, to never stay more than 1-2 days, and do some shopping, or eating in the host establishment.

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Our first Wal Mart  camping came unexpectedly last year in Alabama.  Being  brand new to full timing we put in too many hours on the road. It was fall and got dark early. The parking lot  was posted no overnight parking, but Sue spoke to the manager and he asked us to park on the side of the building so we were not visible from the street. Very nice of him to bend the rules for us. After making our rig as stealthy as 65 ft can be , we called it a day. I was paranoid that we would get boxed in by the many Wal Mart trucks coming in during the night for off loading the next morning.
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We'll put one side out if we are up against a hedge or barrier of some sort. Or if we are parked long ways in a Walmart (where it's allowed) since we don't use any more spaces up doing that.

Unless it's raining or about to rain, because dealing with the water the next morning for just a few hours of the extra space isn't worth it to us.
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