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Aqua Hot Leaking water
Our aqua hot froze last year.  We took it to a semi repair shop and they replaced all the coils.  We had a local RV service center put it back in.  Turned it back on for the first time on Saturday and water was leaking out of the top and down the side.  It is heating.  Can you possibly tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it?  Already spent $6000 to supposedly fix it. Sad  Penny

The right answer will probably from from @Trainer (Rudy)...until he sees this post, I will take a stab at the problem.

I have had the tank and coils replaced for my AH unit. When the old one was out, it was obvious that the tank had several cracks in it. If there were cracks in your tank, I suspect that someone would have said something. I am thinking the problem is something other than the tank. (That is really good news). Also, for the water to come out the top, it really can’t be the tank because water flows downhill.

I would look very closely at a few things. (Obviously let the unit cool before doing much).

0. Can you determine if the leaking fluid is radiator fluid or plain water?

1. Look at the hose that goes to the overflow tank. These are notorious for leaking. The hose should be in good shape and the clamp should be tight.

2. The radiator cap can get old and not seal. I think that the cap should be a standard 16 lb radiator cap. Look for its seal to be in good shape.

3. If you take the cap off and can look closely at the neck (under the flange that holds the cap). Can you see any cracks? My unit was leaking under the flange. That leak meant that water showed up under the coach.

Can you take some pics of your unit?

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I will show this post to my husband. We will try to look at it Saturday. Thank you. Your answer has made me feel a little better. We will take pictures also.

In pre 2003 heaters, fresh water leaking from frozen coils or poorly repaired coils goes down the outside of the tank and drips onto the ground below the heater.

Heater antifreeze can leak onto the top of the heater from the overflow hose, overflow hose barb, leaking radiator cap and leaking solder joint of the radiator filler neck.

Since you are reporting fluid on top of the heater, my guess is coolant vs water. It is easy to determine which it is.

You are welcome to call me when you all are at the heater to inspect the source. I am available from 8 to 8 central time. I'll bet we can sort the situation out.

Rudy Legett 7 one 3 8 one 8 3234
Rudy Legett
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Thank you! My husband and I will call you on Saturday if that is ok. Penny
Penny, there is no one better at aquahot than rudy. and no finer fellow as well

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Thank you for that information. Makes me feel better. Like I didn’t waste my money getting it fixed. Penny

Talk to you on Sat. Please remember 8 to 8 central time.
Rudy Legett
1995 Foretravel U320
M11 400hp Allison 4060R
Factory Authorized Aqua Hot Repair Center
Greater Houston Area
Thank you Rudy for your help. Is there someone in the Columbus Ohio area that could call me to help me with the Xantrex menu? 614-419-1800

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