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Tire Pressure Help
Newell gave me weighing numbers for 744 with full fuel and water.

Steer 8470/8390 = 16,860

Drive 11,440/11,350 = 22,790

Tag.   7440/7200 = 14,640

Total 54,290 

Tire pressures from Michelin: 

Steer 100psi 

Drive 85psi  ?? 

Tag 110psi 

Am I reading the chart correctly for the 315/80R 22.5 Dual ? 85psi for 11,680lbs.
Kristi & Jeff 
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I’m running mine with 100psi all around to make it easier. I wish I could find a place with individual weights to check it. Maybe there is somewhere near DC that could do that? How do we find these places? A good TPMS is worth it’s weight in gold if you have a slow leak. I have never had a tire blow out but our rear tires are always under 7 years old and 5 y/o on the front...
BTW, you might check the inside front tires and make sure there are no scratch marks from turning too hard - mine has a little of the inside tire eaten away (the labels about 3” down from the top of the tire). I think there is a post on here about them hitting the air bag mounts but I can’t find it...
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I hope this is a useful place to post this.    I was in the Newell service department this week and noticed, as perhaps many of you have, the tire pressure chart prominently displayed.    Have not seen it posted on this site, so here you go.


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Thanks Chuck!
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Hello Guys,
From over the pond in the UK, #1218 with 385's on the front, when we have a Dept transport check every year and part of that check is a brake test on rollers, these rollers are level with the ground and give a very exact weight reading, full of fuel and water plus I have an additional tank in the front bay, a jet wash water reel jack tools ETC
Front 8275KG = 18,43LB and 125PSI cold
Drive 11344KG= 25,009LB and 115PSI "
Tag 7856KG= 13,19LB and 115PSI "
Total 27350KG= 60,561LB
#1218 in Europe based in the UK
Thanks for posting that! Although I have copies all over the place of the tire charts, someone has taken the time to list All of the tires that one would encounter and put them into one chart. NICE!!!!

Now to figure out how to get that picture to my phone.........

It's not great but I was able to invert the colors in case you want to print. I am also attaching as a file, instead of imbedding because it is easier for me to transfer a file to another computer or my phone.

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If you really want to start a kerfluffle then start a discussion about the proper tire inflation pressure, or how long to run your tires. Based on a discussion with another guru, it was demonstrated the posted chart could be interpreted far differently than I would interpret.

So, in my unasked for opinion, the proper air inflation pressure is to weigh the coach and use the chart for the tire and the weight to determine the proper pressure at ambient.

It was pointed out by @bikestuff that the very top of the chart clearly shows inflation pressures recommended by Newell.

In my opinion, those are pressures recommended for coaches being made today. After all, they weigh over 60K lbs.

If you inflated my tires to that pressure, it would be like driving a buckboard wagon. Our rig weighs about 52 fully wet.

Maybe the two interpretations did not need to be pointed out. But again, we never know who, with what experience level, will read any of our posts.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
I love a good kerfluffle !   ( “to throw into disorder.”) I was pleased to see the old 11r 24.5 chart  in there for those of us that have "classic:" coaches. . I run a higher pressure than dictated by our front axle weight. When I drop to 90 lbs, which the chart indicates, the tire sidewall flex makes it feel like I am on marbles. If it wears a little too much in the center with a higher presssure , I will never know, as we reach the 5 years point, (which in itself is a topic for a second kerfluffle) at about 60 thousand miles. My last set of 24.5 tires are living a happy second life on a semi hay trailer in Solvang California
Guy & Sue
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It's probably obvious to everyone, but for completeness and accuracy, measure tire pressures after the coach has been sitting long enough for the tires to reach ambient temperature.
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