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VIN# Issue
Hello All,
Newbie here, we are in the market for a Newell and just got back from the first Newell investigation trip. 

Looked over a 92 year model coach.  Before leaving home, ran the VIN (provided by the seller) through Auto Check...came up with a record only going back to 2015.  Still went anyway to check out the in lies the issue.  The VIN provide by the seller came from the Title.  Checked the VIN data plate up front by the gear only had 16 digits and had the fourth number entered at the DMV Title as a "1" actually was a "4".  So now the Data plate up front does not match the title and is only 16 digits the title has 17 digits.

Now went to the data plate in the back on the engine bulkhead.  That data plate has 17 digits the same forth number is a "4" just like the front.....the ninth position is where a letter "X" was added to make it 17 digits.

Two questions, have any of you seen the front and rear data plate not match one another...i.e. 16 vs 17 digits?  Which number would be the real VIN given the 1992 vintage? 

The title being wrong is totally understandable from a clerical stand point and should be easy to correct.  The other problem creates a plethora of issues from insurance to legality of telling what all else.

We left off with the owner to sort out the title issues before we commit to buying it and hope things can be worked out shortly.

The VIN number must be 17 digits to comply with federal regulations 49 CRF Part 565. The 9th digit is a check digit which is calculated based on the other digits. While I have never seen anything other than a 17 digit VIN on a Newell newer than 1974. If you would like to PM me the VIN from the rear plate, I will run it through my program and verify it. It sounds like the rear VIN plate is correct and there is no question the front VIN plate is in error. A 17 digit VIN has been mandatory since 1981.

I have seen one Newell with an incorrect check digit (a 1990). I am certain that Newell will make the owner a new front VIN plate with the correct VIN on it if requested. The process to correct the VIN on the title may vary from state to state.

Since 1990, Newell has followed the standard nomenclature of 1N9 indicating a US Manufacturer producing less than 2000 units per year, then 3 digits that are the length in feet and inches, then for all Newells since 1986 the seventh and eight digits will be X8, then a check digit in the ninth digit, a model year designator in the tenth digit (an N for 1992 and will be again in 2022), the eleventh digit is the plant number (1), then Newell uses 011 in all coaches 1990-present, then the last three digits of the coach number.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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