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problems with pictures turning sideways
hi all,

i need some help with information.  often, when gurus are posting a picture, it is fine on their device but is turned sideways on the forum.  from looking at the metadata for the pictures, i believe it is happening just on pictures taken on iphones.  but not sure.  

for any of you that have had that happen, can you tell me what type of picture taking camera you are using.  

also, it appears that it is a metadata issue and not something that can be fixed in the forum software we use.  as best i can tell, it has to do with how you hold your phone to take the picture.  all of this has to do with the viewer knowing if it is going to display in portrait or landscape.  no matter how you take the picture, on your device it will look right when you view it.  but on the forum it is dumber than your phone so i will rotate it to where it thinks it should be.  

when i go in and fix them for folks (i do it sometimes) i download your picture into a photo editor and (it displays correctly in the editor) and i rotate it and rotate it back and save it and then re upload it to gurus.  that tricks the forum software.  

just to remind everyone, this is a forum run on a shoestring budget with freeware and darlene and i footing all the support costs (i do not want any contributions nor will i accept any). we we do the best we can with minimal costs

happy new year

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I am using an Iphone. I will try your suggestions.
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Thanks, I'll try that.
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One of my hobbies is producing slide shows, and I encourage everyone using a cell phone to hold the phone in the landscape mode to take photos. Almost everyone hold it in the portrait position to take both photos and video, and this does not make good media for slide shows, etc.
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