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SCS Board Shorted
Been working on our hit list for the past week since acquiring coach #525.  The rear SCS unit has a shorted #1 comp terminal.  Sent flight systems the attached pictures, they seem to thick it is repairable.  My plan is to install the external relays to help with removing the high loads from the board on both units. 

The way I understand the system operation of a single unit, is that two compressors (#1 & #2) operate together when high demand is required.  When the temp has been reached the single compressor (say #1) maintains the temp unless the room temp moves to a point greater than 3 degrees of the T-stat setting.  With that scenario in mind, #1 compressor is the one that gets used the most in our systems.  I am thinking of putting #2 compressor to the #1 comp position on the board and #1 compressor to the #2 comp position on the board.  By doing that it would give the #1 compressor a rest and put #2 compressor as the one that maintains the t-stat setting until a higher demand is required. 

Is there something I am missing on this thought?

BTW I tried the photo editing Tom suggested so here goes.

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That will work.
I did that once when i lost number 1 compressor while on a trip.
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