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Microphor bought out, parts availability?
This might be of interest since most of you guys have Microphor toilets.  Read this on the Foretravel forum:

I have several Issues with my LF-220, and just got off the Phone with Mullaney & Associates, LLC, and they are soon disconnecting their Toll Free Number, but was able to contact them on their Normal Number, of - (856)-956-1299, listed on their website!  After explaining my several Issues, Anna-Marie, not only went through and help me troubleshoot, but fully explained each part's purpose, and why I need to troubleshoot them!  Probably a 10 for 10 in service, that I can say!  That, as we all know is lacking in the RV Industry!!! Here is their website, BTW  [url=][/url]

So, I ordered 3 Parts from them, but was informed that since Microphor has been bought out by WABTEC, and they are not very Customer Friendly, nor wish to support older model Products!  So, I asked her to Include any and all things she recommended having, Kits and Bits, and ED @ WABTEC will be contacted for the rest!  It seems they are letting their Retail Suppliers down, and hanging them out to dry!  While that is unfortunate, her counterpart, Ed, can assist on parts, for as long as they decide to source them, as a Company! He is a Bit overwhelmed right now, so patience is required to contact him, currently! His Direct Company Number is 707-598-6216.
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We recently needed a solenoid valve for our Microphor. Mulhaney was out and they referred me to Ed. He was out also. But he had his guys make one up for me out of their parts bins. Really great service IMHO.
If you need a motor for your toilet go online and search for a Dayton 1LNG7 motor. It’s the same motor that Mulanney will sell you for $300 and you can purchase for around $100 online. If you need a new timer go search for a SSCA timer part number TDUBL3002A which should cost around $50. Hope this helps?‍♂️.

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