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Slide pin lock
Just catching up on this....

I spoke to Morgan last week and found out that Newell used about 4 different HWH locking pin mechanisms. He has one of those types in stock but not the others. So I had to hold off until I could get back behind there and remove the bolts from the locking pin to see the part number sticker which, of course, is on the back of it! Zero points to HWH for sticker placement.

Mine has a sticker showing AP16701 which breaks down to a RAP90592.

Waiting to hear back from Morgan on which one he has, also plan to call back out to HWH to see if they might have this one. Fingers crossed.
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Hi Paul, did you get the parts you needed for the slideout? If so, where did you end up getting them?
I’m planning to R/R mine soon...
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Yes, sorry, I never posted a followup here.

I went back and unbolted my pin lock to get to the sticker on the back side of it (seriously, who determines where these stickers get placed!?).

Mine was an AP16701. I called Morgan back, and that was the same part number that he had on hand. I believe he said that it was the only HWH slide pin lock that he still had.

Out of curiosity, I checked with HWH and they stated that this number too was obsolete and that the replacement part was also RAP93782. And 4-5 weeks to make a new one.

I have the replacement from Morgan but have been holding off on doing it out of fear that operating the pressure release on the solenoid for probably the first time in 19 years is going to leave me in need of a new solenoid. Plan to do it tomorrow when I do the slide seal.
Coach #540
2000 Double Slide, Bath and a half, Average sized fan for its age
Fulltiming our way around the Western states for a while
As luck would have it, we were just getting ready to hit the road when I discovered I have a leak in the front pin on the rear slide out. It looks like I will need to remove the curved molding at the ceiling to access it. Does anyone know how to remove it? It appears to be in two pieces and the front one is about 10 ft long. From what I have observed it appears to only leak when the slide is in and the pin engaged. What I don't know is will it continuously leak while the slide is in or while the coach is running.

Dario Perini
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I replaced the rear lock in the bedroom slide.  Pull rear slide in about a 1/3rd.  Remove the slide valance.  You will now see the lock.  Simple R & R from here.  Two lines & 1 or two mounting bolts.
Steve Bare
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Dario, pull the slide in a little as Steve said. Push straight up on the “curved” piece. They normally just ride in a channel. The trim piece on the front slide usually has a few bolts that must be loosened, but the rear valence is usually just a friction fit.
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Thanks for the advice, I will try to work on it this evening

Dario Perini

I went out and pulled the slide in about 1/3, tried to push up on the radius trim but no movement at all. What I did observe was the front pin was really leaking badly while the HWH light was on and stopped shortly after turning the key off, leaving a mess of fluid to clean up. I then activated the key a second time and pulled the slide all the way in and turned the key off, again the leaking started and stopped, however the pin never engaged nor did the rear one. I am not sure how they are connected and I wonder if because of the front leak if the rear is not getting enough pressure?? Attached are two pictures, the first is the front pin and second the rear. The rear appears to be totally dry. I plan on calling both Newell and HWH tomorrow.

Dario Perini

2001 #581

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Yes.  They are connected.  Try two people kinda of bouncing the valance up & down and it will break loose.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531

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