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Engine air compressor/ air dryer
I have had a problem with oil venting from the air dryer discharge since day one of owning the 86 coach . It has the original CR Brakemaster air / dryer heat exchanger . Originally the discharge was routed into the muffler via a copper tube . I replaced the exhaust system from the turbo down pipe , muffler ,etc, and didn't want to go back into the muffler with the discharge , so I plumbed the discharge into a PVC catch tank using steel braid hose . This has helped , but it still lubricates the bumper , trailer , etc . 
  I am aware that the compressor is likely in need of replacement / rebuild , but it will be hard for me to get it out  so I would like to cover all the bases first . I have read posts about replacing the old air dryer with an AD -9 unit and solving  this issue . I have seen this on other sites as well . I started the engine Sunday and noted that from zero psi on the supply side , 90psi brake , to the point of the low air light going off was just under four minutes . I am wondering how this compares to other classics , and has anyone upgraded successfully to the AD-9 ?
Thanks ,
1986 #89
VIN 007
Chris and Sharon Hand 
I changed to the AD9 on both my 77 and 93 coaches. The AD9 dried the compressed air much better than the old fin tube drier. Once I put it in I never had water again in any of the tanks. My compressors were discharging very little oil and the AD9 seemed to remove the little it received since I never drained traces of oil from the service tank again. Given the amount of oil you are reporting discharging I do not believe any desiccant drier is capable of removing that amount of oil on a long term basis. And while it works it will spew the oil out the vent just as now. The desiccant driers are designed to remove oil mist, not oil drizzle which sounds to me like what you have happening. Sorry about this perspective, in some of our coaches the location of the compressor is enough to make a grown man cuss and lose blood.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed

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