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1990 Newell vs 1999 Foretravel: first coach decision
Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought about BB’s but never really found one I liked and it could afford. I am pretty much down to two specific coaches and hope to buy one of them in the next couple of weeks. It is either the 1990 Newell or the 1999 Foretravel U320.

That was really the basis for my original post, trying to decide which would be a better coach, condition aside. Things like better chassis, brakes, heat systems, ride, insulation, brakes, fiberglass vs aluminum, etc. That’s the kids of stuff I was trying to find out. I know coach condition could make the choice obvious so not asking that but I worry about things like delamination so what people’s opinion are of one coach over another is what I was looking for, and why of course. So far I have learned a lot from this post. I didn’t know that the 1990 Newell had propane furnaces, thought they were aqua hot or something similar. I knew a little about the 8v92 engine but didn’t know that there would be a learning curve for driving it versus another type of engine. I also didn’t know if the 1990 Newell is steel and aluminum or all steel. I believe that the Foretravel is all steel and has ifs and disc brakes, not sure about the 1990 Newell. For the Foretravel I have learned of a serious repair to look for in the bulkheads which I have never heard before and now no to look at.

So for the forum is providing a wealth of info and I believe more is yet to come, let alone what a resource it will be after I actually buy my coach.

Thanks for everyone’s reply’s and info and opinions.

Morgan Baron
Don't let an 8V92 scare you off. The old guys say to drive it like you stole it! Basically since the radiator fan is directly connected to the engine (rather than having a hydraulic fan like FT or series 60 DDs) you need to keep the rpms up when under a hard load, like climbing a pass. This gives you maximum flow through the radiator. But they can be damaged quicker if overheated. It is a very good engine, just has a few peculiarities for driving and maintaining. Parts are still available but the mechanics are slowly dying out.
Forest & Cindy Olivier
1999 Foretravel 36' U320
former 1998 Newell 45' 2 slide #486 

former 1993 Newell 39' #337 
2011 Chevy Tahoe 

2010 Silverado w/ RZR 570LE
Foretravels in the years you are looking at will be Steel monocoque chassis (very sturdy) with fiberglass on the exterior (top, sides, end caps) - be SURE to check for delamination as these are big $ issues. The Newells/BBs don’t suffer from this in older coaches as they are basically pop-riveted together. I still like the FTs just like the build quality of the Newell better.
Karen & Adrian Abshire 
1998 2 slide 45' Newell towing a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and a 2006 Mercedes SLK320 for wifey. 
Prior: 1985 Foretravel ORED 35, 1988 38' Foretravel U280, 2000 Foretravel 42' U320, 1990 Bluebird Wanderlodge WB40

We have a 42 foot 90 that we have spent the last 5 years rebuilding and using while pulling a 30 foot ATC stacker

We have three sets of heat sources in ours; toe kick, 2 primus(electric and propane), and forced air propane in the salon

Feel free to call me if you think I can help on any of your questions on the 90 Newell you are looking at

Jeff Shoop

#214 2131774
Both the Newell and the Foretravel will have steel chassis. The Newell will have aluminum studs and aluminum skin on the sides and roof. The Foretravel will be fiberglass.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Thanks for the straight up info on construction Michael and thank you Jeff, I will definitely take you up on your offer.

Morgan Baron

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