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Cabinet Above Front Entry Door
If you have a front entry Newell you need to look at the box above the front entry door. This box will have a of buttons plus the box for the antenna/cable buttons. Look at the bottom of that cabinet and see if you have two screws that have been screwed into the bottom of that box. If you have the screws you are good if not you need to have them installed on your next visit to Newell. If you have no screws then that box is held by two 10 pound hooks. Newell Coach techs calls this box a speaker box.
We did not have the screws and the box fell from that ledge. The only thing preventing that box front hitting me the head was the cables inside the box. Called Newell and detoured from our trip home to the factory for repairs. The detour was 500 miles. Monday was a long day. We drove for 13.5 hours.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242

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