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How to Stay Cool While Traveling
We own a 2008 Newell Coach that 4 roof air conditioners and has dash air. On Tuesday we drove from Miami, OK to home in Tyler, TX. The trip is about 8 hours and we left Miami at noon. The outside temperature during the trip ranged from high 70's to low 80's. I ran the generator and ran a/c unit number 1 and set the thermostat at 70 degress. I put the dash air on at the coldest setting and at the highest speed. When we got to our destination I looked at the thermostat of a/c number 1 and it showed that it was 87 degrees in that area of the coach. Any suggestions on trying to stay comfortable?

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
I have found with mine that I have to run the front two units to keep cool. I have also found that the thermostat is not always accurate. If I remember correctly my thermostat set temperature needs to be four to five degrees cooler than my desired room temperature. My dash air seems to be hit and miss for cooling. On my last trip I only had high fan output.
Mike Moore
2005 Newell 734
my dash air will keep us cool enough at the front until it gets really hot outside. if really hot we run the genny and all 4 aircons. our thermostats give bogus temps as well.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Tom and Mike,
Thank you for your responses.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
A friend of mine had them add a adjustable vent in the center ceiling light that would not be obstructed by the slides in.
We had the front cab windows tinted and seemed to help as well

I have found that if I run the dash air on it will trick the front house AC into thinking it is cooler than it really is. The result being that the cockpit is pretty comfortable but the rest of the coach is not.

We tend to just run the house air cons unless driving directly into the sun and the sun is broiling the driver through the windshield
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
I run the generator + as many AC's as needed. Also I have a small fan that I can either blow cooler air towards the front or directly on me. Usually only when driving west into the afternoon sun.
I've also read reports that the dash air load on the engine is about the same diesel usage as the generator. So why not exercise the generator and keep the entire coach cool?
Forest & Cindy Olivier
1999 Foretravel 36' U320
former 1998 Newell 45' 2 slide #486 

former 1993 Newell 39' #337 
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2010 Silverado w/ RZR 570LE
Forest, French, and Richard,
Thank you for your comments on my a/c questions.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
Only travel long distances in Spring, or Fall. Prefer no A/C at all, and those times of year are conducive to comfortable travel temps.

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
1982 Newell Classic, 36', 6V92 TA
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I am at Newell for the yearly preventive maintenance. I took the suggestions from the previous posts regarding how to stay cool/comfortable while traveling during the Summer. Turned on the generator and set air conditioner 1 and 3 to 73 degrees and left the dash a/c off. It was a dramatic change from our last trip earlier in May when the temperature inside the coach was very unpleasant. The coach stayed comfortable for the trip from East Texas to Miami. The highest outside temperature that I noticed was 85 degrees.
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on staying comfortable while traveling in the heat.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242

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