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Locating and Eliminating Air Leaks
At the 2019 NewellGurus Rally in Foley, AL, Steve Bare gave a presentation on the Locating and Eliminating Leaks in the Newell Air System. Steve goes step by step through the procedure he has developed to systematically locate and eliminate air leaks in his coach. The procedure is time consuming but has resulted in the 12 volt air compressor only running every 12 hours and the 120 volt compressor only running once a day when the air systems are not being used. I had several requests to record and post this session.

To make this information more view-able, I split the presentation into 6 videos. The links to the videos are listed below:

Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Thanks for all your time spent producing these videos.
This info is basically priceless.
Steve Magown
West Monroe, LA
1997 Newell #458
we recently purchased a 2012 Newell #1452 from the factory and love it. how often should the 120 volt compressors cycle?
Ron & Nanci Hale
coach 1452
Oklahoma Big Grin
Newell has always told me to start hunting down leaks if it cycles more often than once every 45 minutes without opening air doors, flushing the toilets or leaving the auto level on (ie obvious air usage). Folks that are good at finding leaks can get theirs down to a few times a day but it would cost a fortune to pay someone else to track down that many small leaks.

Hope you continue to love your coach. Very attractive quad slide, bath and a half coach you have there. Welcome.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
I was able to get the 110v compressor to only cycle every 3 hours or so after going through these videos! Now I’m working on the 12volt systems (slowly)... thanks for doing this Steve and Michael!
Karen & Adrian Abshire 
1998 2 slide 45' Newell towing a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and a 2006 Mercedes SLK320 for wifey. 
Prior: 1985 Foretravel ORED 35, 1988 38' Foretravel U280, 2000 Foretravel 42' U320, 1990 Bluebird Wanderlodge WB40

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