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Allison economy mode?
How many of you run with the mode on?
I learned something new on the Foretravel forum recently.  I always thought the economy mode was for driving on flat ground to get better economy.  But after that discussion I've been using it driving in the mountains.
This is all based on my Cummins M11 with 1450# of peak torque at 1200 rpms.  Not sure how that compares to the DD series 60 torque, but probably similar.
Apparently the economy mode changes the shift points to lower rpm values, who'd a thunk it?
On my Foretravel in the mountains the Allison (same as Newells) would down shift to 5 or 4 sooner to keep the rpms up to 1400-1500.  And sometimes on cruise control it would hunt between 4 and 5.  But in economy mode it wouldn't shift as often since it keeps the rpms closer to the peak torque.  Result is smoother running up hills.  
Now you still need to keep an eye on your engine temperature since on a long steep climb the temps could start to climb.  If that happens I just down shift to get the rpms up to 1800 to 2000 to keep temps from climbing.
I have no idea yet if my fuel economy is any better but the engine and transmission seems happier and smoother on economy mode.
Any thoughts?
Forest & Cindy Olivier
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I find the Econ mode works well in rolling hills by minimizing downshifts on up grades. I also find that on long climbs, I don’t use it. I prefer the engine climb the hard pulls in a lower gear to keep the RPM up and the temps down.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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I always drove in ECO mode with my Newell and now also with my Foretravel U320 3823 with the M11 500 hp and 1550 lb/ft. The Foretravel with its power to weight ration drives like a car up and down the hills. Next week we will be heading west on 70 out of Denver to California and then back to Texas by the end of this month. We will see how it does in ECO mode over the mountains vs just hills. Hope you continue to have an awesome time on your Alaskan dream trip!

Oscar & Janet Valent
Full timing
2004 Foretravel U320 3823 PBBS
2007 Newell Coach #815 - Great Coach Sold
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