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When is a 2008 NOT a 2008
Not sure what the deal is with this one. It is priced like a 2008 but the photos are of #470, a 1998. It is a single slide, with the front cap that was replaced with the 'smiley' front cap after 1999. Note: #470 is 42' 6" not 45'. The original red carpet has been replaced with wood flooring in the salon (note #470 had the carpet replaced with wood flooring), the round glass display case at the end of the kitchen counter has been removed. Mileage (86,000) would be consistent with #470 which had 74,377 miles in 2015. The inverter should be a 2.5kw rather than a 25kw. The headlights have been changed out from the standard Ford headlights.

Here is a couple of photos of #470 from a couple of years ago compared with the coach in the ad.

#470 taken 2012
[Image: 470_curb_rear.jpg] vs Ad
[Image: 5cf6fed7db1e04087b56f044.jpg?width=1024&...quality=70]
#470 taken 2014
[Image: 470_new_hardwood_floors.jpg]
Vs Ad
[Image: 5cf6fecc277dec19af415364.jpg?width=1024&...quality=70]

#470 taken 2017
[Image: 470_kitchen_remodel.jpg]

Vs Ad:
[Image: 5cf7001a806e104dc62e5996.jpg?width=1024&...quality=70]
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Buried at the bottom of the description:

”Stock photos showing on web site real pictures of coach coming soon...”

1) Not sure why you’d run an ad before you have photos to post.
2) BUT, if you’re going to do so, why would you post pictures from a 10 year older coach as your “stock photos”?

Strange.  Huh
And post so many photos of a 10 year older coach? It must also be 'stock' description since NO 2008 Newell has a Detroit Diesel engine. To the best of my knowledge the last Detroit Diesel Series 60 went into #761, a 2006.

Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
This might be off track but what kind of headlight and where do I find them? Thanks Joe
Joe Galowitch
1998 Newell
Coach 459 45 foot 1 slide
Joe, I haven't seen that particular headlight before. I like the headlights that #527 had installed that are for a 2013 Provost H3.

I just checked and as of 7/5/19 they are still showing the same photos of #470 and the description still lists the Detroit Series 60 which would not have been available in 2008. 22 "stock photos"? Me thinks something is amiss!!
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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