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Able to pull a stacker?
Just trying to figure out if a 2009 Newell with a GVWR of 63,302 and supposed Unloaded/Full Tank weight of $57,990 = a CCC of 5,312.  If that is true, would this coach be able to pull a stacker-trailer?

Curious if these numbers look correct/typical
Front axial is actual 18,750 vs rated 21,000
Drive actual is 24,900 vs rated 28,840
Tag actual is 14,320 vs 18,260 rated

Just curious if this coach has enough weight capacity to pull one....

Any comments would be appreciated...
Mark of SJC
Short answer, yes, a 2009 should have the capability to pull a stacker-trailer. Although I don't find it on Newell's site at the moment, for many years, Newell listed their coaches as having a GCWR (combined weight of coach and trailer) 20,000 pounds greater than the GVWR. Newell's site does list the GVWR as 63,600 pounds. GVWR ONLY refers to the weight the vehicle can carry. All the build sheets I have for 2009 models list standard equipment as a heavy-duty trailer hitch, max 14,000 pound load; 8,000 lb receiver bar and ball. As an aside, the new p50 coaches list a 25,000 lb trailer hitch.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Michael, your the best!!!! Thank you!
Mark of SJC

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