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wipers 1983 pneumatic

Phneumatic whiper moving slowly
We have a 1983 Newell with pneumatic windshield wipers.  One of the wipers is moving slow and not at times at times.  The other wiper works fine.  Any suggestions regarding repairing it?  We are about to take the assembly out, but am looking for thoughts from anyone who has fixed a similar problem.  We are aware that a replacement of the total assembly is costly, so are hoping we can fix it.

UPDATE: We took wiper motor apart, serviced it and still not working. Purchased a new wiper assembly, installed and all is well. Thank you members for your suggestions!
Andy and Holly
1983 Newell
Mossyrock, WA
My drivers side wiper wasn't working at all when I bought it. I took the wiper assembly apart and discovered the the (fiber) piece was broken. I used JB Weld to repair it, cleaned everything up, lubed everything, and reassembled it, and it worked again.

I plan on setting mine up with a single electric motor when the engine transplant is done so that I can put a variable wiper speed control on my steering column. I did that on my 1973 Newell and was quite happy with the result.
Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
0 hp 8V92 Allison HT740
Soon to be 500 hp ISM 6spd ZF
Try some 3-1 oil in the air supply line

Coach 385
Toad Mini Cooper 
Some people are not aware that the wiper speed is controlled by turning the dash knob clockwise to speed up and counter clockwise to slow down.  The guy I bought my '87 from said the wipers wouldn't work unless the windshield had water on it.  I turned the knobs clockwise and they about flew off the windshield they went so fast.  He'd had the coach for 3 yrs and didn't realize this.
I also replaced one of the wiper motors on my '81 with a rebuilt one and it wasn't that expensive.  The same company will sell you a rebuild kit for yours if you want to go that route.
Dave and Tish Karbach
1981 36' Newell, 903 Cummins, 5 speed Allison
1987 37' Newell #129, DD mechanical 8V92, 4 speed Allison
The guys have given you great tips on trying to get your wipers working correctly.Also listen for air leaks on your wiper on off /speed control switches . A good application with RainX on the windshield makes it easier to see if your wipers are slow.
If you find that you do need to replace the wiper air motor, we got ours from Rome Truck Parts, in Rome Georgia.  After removing the cover plate under the wiper arm, the TRICO number will be visible. There are different numbers for drive and passenger side because of the ports being used for the air fittings. 

Rome Truck Parts
706 295-4345
241 Dempsey Road
Rome Ga 30161

They are easy to deal with and have rebuilt units ready to ship. You will have to send your old unit in as a core when you are done. The core has a 70 or 75 dollar value, and i think we paid less than 200 dollars for the rebuilt motor.
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
What Guy said!

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
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Thank you all for your helpful responses. We'll post again when it is fixed. Cheers Holly and Andy
Andy and Holly
1983 Newell
Mossyrock, WA

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