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Average mileage of different engine setups
Took this picture three or four weeks ago after filling up in KY traveled North through IL & WI towing a Honda CRV.  The mileage settled down to 8.13 for the rest of the trip.  Coach weighed 49,500 CRV toad at 2900#. 

The way I look at the mileage is pounds per gallon.  Take a F350 Power-stroke dually...empty... say 7500# at 17 MPG .  That works out to 441# per gallon.   Our coach at 52,400# and say 8.13 mpg works out to 6,445# per gallon.  Looking at it with that perspective we are operating some pretty efficient vehicles.  Now just for fun go figure out what a Prius would be in pounds per gallon:-)

Steve & Doris Denton
45' Newell #525, Bath & Half
2014 Honda CRV Toad
Our '86 has used 2020 gal. fuel in 11,615 miles. 8V92 All western states and western Canada. About 4000 miles towing a 28' Pace stacker near 15000 lb., rest with a wrangler. Lots of passes, valley driving, not much 4 lane. Maybe 10% gen. run time as our A/C runs off the inverter, and we have a Honda inverter when stopped. Lots of higher rpm time climbing to manage heat. We don't get in a rush and enjoy the ride. We also have a Wanderlodge LX 40 with a Cummins M!! 450HP. Haven't used it much (I like the old Newell) but it appears the Cummins gets about 7-8 mpg on a trip from Boise to Phoenix, towing Hummer H2.
Mark and Marian

1987 #125
Pace 28' stacker

Gray SK  Maricopa AZ
Has anyone evaluated the accuracy of the dash monitor for fuel consumption vs Pump volume and odometer readings. I'm not suggesting that they aren't correct, it's that I don't understand the parameters used by the monitor to make the evaluation. My unit reads numbers much lower that what I'm actually getting, so I stopped looking at it.

BTW, I like the analysis of fuel and weight. Do the same for a Train or a Tug on the Mississippi moving barges (down stream)

New Class 8 trucks are getting so wind slippery, that they are trying to get 80,000 lbs over the road and reach into the 8+ mpg, I understand the low 7's is more common.
Dave, Karen and buddy. 
06 Newell #784
towing a 05' Featherlight enclosed  trailer for toys and tools, 
or a 18' Ford Raptor Big Grin

Carpe Diem. Have Fun
Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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