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New Fuel Discount Card
I have found a new Diesel Fleet Fuel Discount Program . The TSD Logistics company provides an EFS fleet fuel card now to Motorhome owners. This is the card large trucking companies give to their drivers.

The discount on diesel fuel at Loves Truck Stops is 40 cents plus. TA/Petro provides a discount of 30 cents plus and Pilot is only about 5 cents plus. TSD earns a fee for processing the transaction of 10% of the discount. Even with the 4 cent fee at Loves in my area, diesel is less than my farm friend pays for 3000 to 5000 gallons bulk purchase. This is an excellent discount that will save you money. There is no annual fee or cost beyond the 10% of the discount. The discount is only at the mentioned truck stops at truck pumps.

AND the discount is calculated from posted cash price – not credit price. So, if you have been paying credit price, this is 5 to 10 cents more savings.

I am providing a link below after the program description to click to access the application forms.  It is all online and secure.  Very easy to submit.


The program will require you to fill out a form authorizing Automated Clearing House Transactions (ACH Debit) and a EFS Fuel Card form with your information. There are terms and conditions you should read to understand your participation in the program.

There is no annual fee. TSD Logistics collects its fees by retaining 10% of the fuel savings.
You will be provided with a complete listing of TSD Logistics fuel prices based on state and city for Love’s, TA/Petro and Pilot / Flying J.

Your participation in the program is limited to only diesel fuel, DEF, and propane. Discounts only apply to diesel fuel purchased at truck islands.

The way the fuel discount program works is TSD Logistics will issue you a card. At the pump you will swipe the card and you will enter needed security information. When the pump is activated, pump your fuel, hang up the nozzle and drive away. At the end of the day or the following day you will receive an email summary of the transaction. The funds will automatically be deducted from the account you provided.

This program will provide deep discounts at Love’s locations and while there are no penalties for low volume purchases please understand each transaction has a cost to TSD. We would encourage users of the program to act responsibly by using the program for large fuel purchases so we remain in good standing with the program provider.

In the event you need to communicate at any time with team at the fuel desk at TSD Logistics you may call or email the following:
Fuel Desk: 1-800-275-5089

Tara Rape
Direct: 903-831-8944
Cell: 903-748-6896

Gina Leeper
Direct: 903-831-8941

Courtney Mosley
Direct: 903-831-8906

Rudy Legett
1995 Foretravel U320
M11 400hp Allison 4060R
Factory Authorized Aqua Hot Repair Center
Greater Houston Area
Wow, nice find! Signing up now...
2008 Newell #1234
Boulder, CO

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