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Fuel Tank Leaking
We took a three week trip some 3800 miles and developed a fuel leak while we where on the road. 

The fuel sending unit was bad so I have been filling the tank and keeping track of the fuel burn and estimating the generator usage which worked out to be about 10% of fuel burned.  From the looks of the bottom of the tank, at some point ,it looks like the coach "high centered" over something and scraped the sump area. I think the extra weight fuel put some extra stress on the front welded seam of the sump where it attaches to the bottom of the tank causing the leak.

With a full tank we would leak about 2 gallons per day.....tapered off as the tank level came down.  Which I captured while being parked and recycled or gave to the campground owner for his tractors.  The leak is right at the welded seam of the sump and tank. Taking it to our local radiator shop where they will weld the crack and boil/etch the inside before coating it with POR15 fuel tank sealer.  He has done this to many tanks with only one returned due to not curing the sealer long enough before adding fuel to the tank.  He holds the tank 4 days to completely cure the POR.

While it is out will replace the fuel sending unit and low level float switch.

FYI, I expected all kinds of crud and water on the first drain opening.  There was none....not a drop of water....not a speck of dirt....nothing.  The hardest part was getting the fuel level down on the last leg without the gauge or low level light working, all the while we had the gen running along with the Aqua Hot.  Ended up with having to drain 35 gallons into gas cans. 

Speaking of draining....I learnt something.  Next time I will just remove the sump plug, once, and temporally install a ball valve to meter the fuel off with little more control!


Sorry about the pics being sideways....not sure what happened.  NOTE; Tried the recommended method ( to fix the worked!


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Steve & Doris Denton
45' Newell #525, Bath & Half
2014 Honda CRV Toad
Had the same problem.  Search for “fuel tank leak” started by jackflash and scroll down.

Opted for a new tank of aluminum rather than trying to fix the old tank.
Gordon Jones
I saw the thread and read it completely.  I did make contact with Boyd's Welding in Ocala, FL where they specialize  in Alum tanks  They have a six to ten week lead time on a new tank.  I am going to make up a very detailed drawing and get a quote if I ever need to do this again.

Inspecting the bottom where the tank rested on the plywood there was some surface rust that may have penatrated say 10% of the metal leaks in that area at all.  The main leak was at the welded seem which will be taken care of at the tank shop.  Going to clean up the rust and coat the exterior bottom with POR15 as well.

Steve & Doris Denton
45' Newell #525, Bath & Half
2014 Honda CRV Toad

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