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winterizing your house
You folks are a wealth of knowledge, so I offer my ignorance up to your wisdom. 

This is a bit off of Coach care, but....

I have just purchased a home that will get sub freezing 3-5 months out of the year at some part of the day. Below 32 for maybe 2 or 3 weeks continuously at times

What do you folks do for winterizing while your gone from your brick and mortar ?

This is my checklist, but I have questions below.

Turn the water supply off
open all faucets while one lower one (outside) is open to back flush / drain
then close all water valves inside and out
turn the water heater to vacation ?? or leave it on lowest setting. This water heater is in a garage.
leave all the home heating off or very low, say 50 deg?

Yes, I know, I should just buy where it warmer. I never got to shovel snow as a
Dave, Karen and buddy. 
06 Newell #784 towing a 05' Featherlight enclosed  trailer for toys and tools
A bunch of stuff on wheels, including 59' Nash metropolitan conv., KTM 250 dual sport. 

Carpe Diem. 
Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

One should never depend on power being continuous during winter months.  Most heating systems need control power at the minimum.

Drain the water heater from the bottom valve, pour antifreeze in the drain traps and toilet bowls, put a thin layer of cooking oil on top to prevent evaporation.  Of course, drain the toilet tanks.  

Put low pressure air into the water system and open all openings (valves, spray hoses, etc).

It’s pretty much the same as winterizing your coach, after all, our coaches are rolling houses.
Gordon Jones

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