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Dometic ice maker
For all of the older coaches with the Dometic ice makers, I have had a recurring problem with the fill line. It is the line that runs from the solenoid valve up to the fill port on the back of the ice maker (buried deep inside the sheet metal covering).  This is the second time it has been a problem. This is an open ended line with no pressure on it.  It seems that it was originally run right next to/over the compressor.  Problem seems to be that over time the heat makes the tubing brittle and it breaks. When that happens, water just runs out of the break into the ice maker sheet metal housing & then down to the floor behind the drawers / cabinets and to wherever else it can to find an exit into the storage bays.  Since it is a non-pressured line, the only time it leaks is when the ice maker is calling for a water fill during the cycle. This is a timed event.  Symptoms are smaller cubes than usual all of a sudden or no ice at all.  Next is a puddle or water that seems to have no source.  I ran a piece of poly ethylene tubing over the 1/4" line as a heat shield and tried to re-route it as far away from the compressor as possible this time.

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